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Reader's Choice Shortlists Nominate Redemption

I'm so proud of this book, The Redemption of Joseph Heinz. A great story, memorable, outstanding, yet flawed characters, and many twists and turns in this complex plot line. See for yourself how three separate story lines come together in this criminally good, police saga entwined within political intrigue. It is now nominated and shortlisted to two Reader's Choice Award competitions. It's also on sale this month for $0.99 (plus, you can download the series prequel novella, The Making of Herman Faust, FREE on all major retailers).

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Summary: The Kommissar is back, and going rogue in St. Petersburg! A new lead on a cold case, one that has haunted Heinz and nearly cost him his career now offers a path to redemption. A ledger containing the names of abducted girls recovered from the Vledelets during the Ivchencko affair offers renewed hope. With the wedding to his partner-turned-love of his life, Birgitta Mahler, drawing near, Detective Heinz must find a way to close the door on his guilt once and for all. But will his decision to investigate the disappearance of Marlessa Schubert lead him to an answer he can live with or an early grave? All roads lead to one destination, Warehouse 214, and one man, Vladimir Brezhnev, known to his enemies as ‘the Butcher’, and to Interpol as the leader of the Russian mafia. Unsanctioned, and on his own, Heinz pursues his demons. When he fails to check in, his protégé, Officer Elsa Kreiss, must call in a dangerous favor. If she succeeds, Heinz will make it to the church on time, but if she fails, he’ll arrive in a box.

Welcome to The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series; your passport into a world of dark passions, international crime, and ever-present danger.

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