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Science Fiction Books 
from Michele E. Gwynn

Section 5 New Cover jpeg BookBrushImage-2021-10-5-19-5525.jpg
Harvest Kindle Book Cover 2023.jpg
An M.E. Gwynn Publication

The missing are being returned...but who is sending them back?

For Special Agents Roger Otis of the FBI and Niall Alchurch of MI6, their assignment to Section 5, a joint international taskforce investigating incidents of unusual origin, has been a step up the career ladder, but the price paid for the privilege grows with each new case. Chasing down mysterious coordinates leads them on a hunt for missing persons across the globe—cases long grown cold. Amid unbelievable discoveries and disturbing nightmares, the agents seek answers. But when the clues lead them back home to the ones they love, it becomes personal. When the mystery unravels, can they handle the horrifying truth?

"The kind of supernatural suspense you'd find in The X-Files." ~ Margaret Madigan, Brothers in Arms & Caine Brothers series

"Another winner from Michele E. Gwynn!" ~ Jami Brumfield, NYT Bestselling Author of the PBI Files series & Winters Saga

"Delicious popcorn reading!" ~ Kindle Vella Review 

SECTION 5 is a stand-alone spinoff novel from Gwynn's SciFi chiller series, The Harvest Trilogy. Previously published on Kindle Vella. 














The Harvest Trilogy I
An M.E. Gwynn Publication

"This book gave me chills..." ~ Sherelle Ellis

"Oh my, I gobbled this up! The story has everything I love: aliens/UFOs, mystery, chills down my spine, and more!" ~ Brian Lane


They arrived in the night. By morning…everyone was gone.

Human greed and gluttony can exist only so long before consequences catch up to actions. For Dave Forrester, the actions of every human living were about to be addressed in his home town of Farley, Oklahoma. A haunting memory from the past becomes a living nightmare. The people of Farley have disappeared without a trace leaving behind only blood-stained clothing and glimpses of frightening unearthly creatures. After losing the people he loves, Dave meets Maggie, a woman who has lost her will to live and is killing herself one drink at a time. Together, they find a reason to keep going even while the world is falling apart. It's all up to Dave and Maggie now to find and save the survivors of the harvest.

Hybrids Kindle Book Cover 2023.jpg
The Harvest Trilogy II
An M.E. Gwynn Publication

"Gripping, twisted, and alien!" ~ Brian P. Lane

In 1962, Sergeant Trent Wilkins looked forward to finishing out his military contract pulling guard duty on the underground bunker built into a field in the small town of Schertz, Texas. Little did he know, he was about to get sucked into a government cover up of the murder of one of their own top research specialists. Fifty-two years later, the secret they tried so hard to bury escaped seeking revenge on those involved.
Colonel Louis Reed sought to profit from what the Air Force found in that field all those years ago, and it was working. But now, following a massive explosion beneath the Samuel Clemens football field, he and his fellow conspirators find themselves in danger. ‘It’ was out and coming to get them.
Danny Edwards and Jay Hernandez thought high school was hard, but after being gassed by an unknown entity, and seeing shocking blue orbs flying over their hometown, they knew tougher times were ahead. Danny’s grandfather has a secret, and that secret puts him and his best friend, Jay, and the girl he loves in danger. Schertz is under attack, and no one is coming to help them, least of all, the military who’ve surrounded the city cutting off all exits and entries as they advance on the deadly, sulfuric creatures invading the sleepy suburb.
Time is running out fast. Can three teenagers and one old man save the city of Schertz from extinction?  Watch the trailer on YouTube:

Census kindle Cover jpeg.jpg
The Harvest Trilogy III
An M.E. Gwynn Publication

Welcome to Marion, Texas, where missing persons cases are the norm and the population of the small town never changes!

The Harvest Trilogy reaches its epic finale in the next town over from the now scorched alien battlefield of Schertz, the city that developed and secretly tested the Celluloss serum on its unsuspecting citizens.

Marion, Texas, population 3,700, is so small, if you blink driving through, you'll miss it. An area business owner is awarded 'Tastiest Meats in Town' by the Chamber of Commerce. John Hester's family-owned meat market is a staple in the region. Respected by the locals, he is above reproach. When he befriends new resident, retired 9/11 firefighter, Jack Callaghan, things get weird. Stranger still are the disappearing residents, thousands of unsolved cold cases dating a half a century back that Callaghan discovers as he and his wife try to settle in. When they begin receiving veiled threats from the Reverend Harcourt Cane warning them to leave, Jack must find a way to protect himself and his wife while helping the FBI solve the mystery of the federal Census that never budges...despite all the missing residents.

(The Harvest Trilogy is a series of theme-related short stories that can be read as stand-alones, but for the full thrill ride, all three are recommended!) The series was inspired by a true event reported to MUFON and detailed in book one, Harvest. (18+ for gore and violence) Watch the trailer on YouTube:

The Harvest Trilogy box set flat front cover 2023.jpg
The Harvest Trilogy (hit #1 in Alien Contact/Ingramspark International Distribution, April 2023-paperback sales)
Paperback Anthology (Harvest, Hybrids, Census)
An M.E. Gwynn Publication

Get all three of the Harvest Trilogy Books in ONE gorgeous paperback or ebook boxset! 

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