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The Soldiers of PATCH-COM  

An M.E. Gwynn Publication

Cover by Emeegee Graphics, Cover photo (soldier) by Jakob Owen (Unsplash). PATCH-COM Logo by Emeegee Graphics.

Secondhand Soldier
The Soldiers of PATCH-COM Book I
Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited
Paperback (Barnes & Noble) (The Twig-San Antonio) (Amazon)
Second chances didn’t come for everyone, but for Sgt. Harold Tyler, codename; Eastwood, the second chance was mandated. Losing a leg in the line of duty didn’t mean retirement for this Green Beret. Instead of being sent home, Eastwood finds himself transported to a top-secret rehabilitation facility deep inside the infamous Area 51. Confined to an unknown camp beneath the Nevada desert, he comes face to face with Joely Winter, a sexy one-night stand he met in London.
Joely Winter was a child prodigy and the inventor of advanced bio-engineered prosthetics. Now grown and the owner of a successful company, she’s contracted by the Department of Defense and put in charge of their new program, PATCH-COM. Here, the military ensures a return on their investment in highly-trained special operations soldiers by patching them up and moving them back out into the field. Unknown even to SEALs, Delta Forces, Green Berets and more, PATCH-COM soldiers operate far beneath the radar and beyond the knowledge of top brass at Fort Bragg.
During his time at Camp Lazarus, Joely is determined to keep their relationship professional. But when Eastwood receives orders to bug out, he suffers a crisis of confidence. Returning to the field on his new leg with a new team is too much to handle. Seeing her big, brave, handsome ex-lover doubt himself breaks her heart, so Joely breaks her rule to rally her man. It’s her patriotic duty, after all! But intimacy only draws them closer and when he leaves, he takes her heart with him.
With orders in hand and a team of broken soldiers at his side, Eastwood heads out to recover a Ukrainian asset in possession of the very technology now propping him up. It’s a race against time to find the traitor within their midst responsible for betraying PATCH-COM before the asset can sell the stolen tech to their enemies in the Kremlin. When the identity of the traitor is revealed, he knows Joely’s life is in danger. Can Eastwood save his woman in time from a dangerous and desperate viper hiding within their command?

From Bestselling Author Michele E. Gwynn, creator of the Green Beret series, comes a thrilling, brand new, action-packed military romance series, The Soldiers of PATCH-COM.
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Second Chance Soldier Kindle Award BookB
Cover by Emeegee Graphics, Cover photo (soldier) by AdobeStock 64168582 Extended license. PATCH-COM logo copyright (C)
Michele E. Gwynn
Second Breath Soldier Kindle Cover w Awards.jpg
Cover by Emeegee Graphics, Cover photo (soldier) by M.E. Gwynn, PATCH-COM logo copyright (C)
Michele E. Gwynn
Second Chance Soldier
The Soldiers of PATCH-COM Book II
Paperback (Barnes & Noble) (The Twig-San Antonio) (Amazon)

A soldier traumatized by war. A woman haunted by abuse. Two broken souls brought together by cartel violence. Can love heal their hearts?


Gerry "Mac" Maclean, Army Airborne Ranger, has lost much serving his country, but through a paperwork glitch, found a home at PATCH-COM. When a cartel war erupts south of the border he and his unit are sent in to evacuate American civilians caught in the crossfire. Faced with his first mission jump since his arrival at Camp Lazarus and the pressure of leading the team, Mac struggles with his inner demons. Only two things are keeping him from falling apart; loyalty to his team, and the haunted brown eyes of the beautiful American hostage Connie Wheeler. But what was she doing in Quintana Roo all alone? And why is she afraid to go home?

Continuing from the multiple award-winning debut novel Secondhand Soldier (Winner of Read Freely's TOP 50 Indie Books of 2019 and Author Shout's Recommended Reads Silver Medal Winner) comes the second tale in The Soldiers of PATCH-COM, a unit of wounded and broken soldiers, courageous and driven by integrity, fidelity, and honor...


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Second Breath Soldier
The Soldiers of PATCH-COM Book III
Paperback (Barnes & Noble) (The Twig-San Antonio) (Amazon)

WINNER: Read Freely's TOP 50 Indie Books of 2021 (#23)

WINNER: Author Shout's Reader Ready Recommended Read 2021

Barely surviving a cartel firing squad, Vincent Torres, aka, Griz, wished for death. But the U.S. government wasn’t finished with him yet. The retired Navy SEAL, now facing traumatic injury and loss, is extradited to an unknown location, one long rumored to exist in the shadows. PATCH-COM. Back in the clutches of the military, he is involuntarily reinstated.


Angry and lashing out, the Senior Chief is now the newest member of the same group of spec ops soldiers he’d mocked while undercover in Mexico. Caught between the instinct to rebel and the deeply ingrained training to obey orders, Griz finds himself summoned to assist in a CIA sting operation, and worse, forced to attend ballet class! Determined not to cooperate with either request, Griz’s resolve falters when he meets his ballet teacher, Jessica Holiday.


Beautiful, elegant, and way out of his league, the graceful woman’s charms manage to soothe the savage Griz, spurring his desire to capture her attention. But obstacles block his path to happiness. The first is his own insecurity, and the second, an over-protective big brother.


Ordered to stay away from teammate Ben Holiday’s sister, Griz holds back, concentrating instead on the sting op to infiltrate a human trafficking ring in Las Vegas. Caught up in a bad plan concocted by the CIA and FBI, teammate Nastjia Moreno is sent in undercover. But even the best laid plans can go south! Unable to complete the mission as outlined and extract Moreno, the team must improvise. And when Jessica goes missing, Griz knows he must act fast.


Hampered by his own injury and the CIA Agent bent on keeping secrets, Griz and his teammates must move quickly to rescue Jessica and save Moreno before both are sold on the black market and disappear forever!

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Silent Night Soldier Kindle Cover w Award.jpg
Cover by Emeegee Graphics, Cover photo (soldier) by Adobe Stock Extended License, PATCH-COM logo copyright (C)
Michele E. Gwynn
Silent Night Soldier
The Soldiers of PATCH-COM Book IV
Paperback (Barnes & Noble) (The Twig-San Antonio) (Amazon)
WINNER: Author Shout's Reader Ready Book Awards 2023 TOP PICK.

Caught behind enemy lines!

Army medic Ben “Doc” Holiday is sent on a mission inside the Russian Federation to aid PATCH-COM’s newest allied member, Israeli intelligence officer, Moses Zigman, as his home country seeks to locate one of their own and secret the opposition leader, Andrei Parkchenko, out of Russia for his own safety, and the political benefit of Israel.

Doctor Irina Petrovna lives her life helping others, including injured political protesters. When that help catches the eye of the FSB, they send in a captain desperate to redeem his standing within the ranks to warn her to fall in line. Ignoring that warning, Irina finds the price paid for her obstinance shockingly high, terrifying, and heartbreaking. When one of the captain’s men comes after her, she fears her time is up.

Unused to being without his team, Ben struggles with abiding by mission parameters of remaining under the radar. When a woman is attacked on their first night in Moscow, Ben defies Zigman and rushes into the fray to save her. Warned to leave no trace, Ben and Moses have now left behind a body in the frozen, silent night. Worse, they’ve also picked up a passenger, one who is being hunted by the FSB!

As soon as their eyes meet, Ben knows he cannot leave this woman behind. From the moment she ran out in front of their car, he chose her. On the run to find missing Mossad Agent Ari Solomon and the opposition leader, Ben and Moses discover that the same captain chasing Irina may also be the one who has Solomon, and perhaps Parkchenko as well. Following a lead, Ben gets his first look at the mysterious captain and is shocked by his all-too-familiar face!

Now caught behind enemy lines with a desperate murderer hot on their trail, Ben must help Moses complete the mission and somehow, save the beautiful doctor with the big gray-blue eyes from falling into the FSB’s clutches, and a fate worse than death!


C'est la Vie Soldier with comma kindle cover.jpg
Cover by Emeegee Graphics, PATCH-COM logo copyright (C)
Michele E. Gwynn
C'est la Vie, Soldier
The Soldiers of PATCH-COM Book V
Paperback (Barnes & Noble) (The Twig-San Antonio) (Amazon)
WINNER: Author Shout's Reader Ready Award 2024 TOP PICK
When the U.S. Navy’s first female SEAL meets a cocky French commando assigned to PATCH-COM… sparks fly. But he has a secret, one that could break her heart.

In the beginning, he was annoying and aggravating. Then he became a friend and stalwart protector. Now, her feelings for Lucien Montcourt were causing Nastjia 'Nasty' Moreno a world of internal conflict, and she could not allow herself to become distracted.

A recent sting operation produced a surprising piece of intelligence; her father, who'd been missing for several years, was alive…but in the hands of the Colima cartel! How and why were questions for later. First, she and the team needed to find a way to rescue her dad. Planning the mission, however, is proving harder than anticipated until the FBI provides a way.

With plans underway, Moreno focuses on the operation, promising herself she will deal with these new feelings for Lucien later. Little does she realize her laser-focus is pushing him away, robbing them both of precious time.

Montcourt had long ago decided to dedicate himself to Nastjia in whatever way she would have him, for however long she saw fit. It was the best-case scenario to protect them both from heartache…or so he thought. A tender and passionate moment changes everything, and now he wants more. But does she? When the woman he’s falling for begins to avoid him, Montcourt is left wondering what he did wrong, and if he’ll ever have a second chance. Frustrated, he prepares for the difficult rescue operation determined to protect her from harm, come what may.

When the team is betrayed by a trusted ally, secrets are revealed that endanger Moreno’s life, and threaten to break her heart. Will the mission to rescue her father succeed? And when tragedy strikes, will she be able to save Montcourt, and tell him how she feels, before it’s too late?


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