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Green Beret Series


Rescuing Emma
The Green Beret Series (Book 1)
Paperback (Barnes & Noble) (The Twig-San Antonio) (Amazon)

It's Emma’s thirtieth birthday…and it might just be her last! A weekend in London leads to kidnapping after one hot night with a sexy Green Beret. For political journalist Emma Jane Lewis, Captain Nathan James Oliver, code name, Outlaw, represents exactly the kind of man she never wanted to date. Too stubborn, too muscled, and too much of an alpha male for her taste. But his touch sends tingles throughout her entire body. His nearness makes her hot and bothered, and despite her better judgement, she wants him. It was one night. What could be the harm?

When Nate meets Emma, the attraction is instant. Something about her pulls him in even though old ghosts haunt him still and his heart remains stuck in the past. But a one-night stand with the contrary Emma is something he can’t resist. When she goes missing, evidence points to Black Jihad, and its leader, Mohammed al-Waleed. Worse, Nate knows it’s his fault she’s been targeted. As Nate and his men search for clues, more is revealed about Emma that sends him reeling, feeling both angry and betrayed. Can Nate set aside their differences and come to terms with his past in time to save Emma from a brutal death at the hands of a dangerous terrorists?

Loving Leisl.jpg

Loving Leisl
The Green Beret Series (Book 2)
Paperback (Barnes & Noble) (The Twig-San Antonio) (Amazon)

Sergeant Leisl Craig spent her life fighting for everything she'd earned including becoming a combat nurse—alone. Then cancer threatened to take it all away. Until now, she never needed anyone...and then she met Doc.For Sergeant Major Jason Lee Gordon, codename Doc, a Green Beret medic in a tight-knit special operations group, life happened, and he rolled with it. The easy-going charmer only ever had to flash his dimples and women lined up outside his door, already half in love with the caring Doc. But casual hookups were growing old after seeing his friend and team leader, Outlaw, fall in love. He’d begun to think he’d never find his special someone until a sniper ambush brings him to a quiet, troubled nurse.Focused on her own pain, she is unimpressed by the handsome soldier’s overtures, ignoring him as she worries what will become of her, of her career, and Pooch. But instead of being put off when she rebuffs him, he finds himself more intrigued, especially after overhearing Leisl pouring out her heart to a stray dog. Disturbed by her plight, he can’t walk away. Something about her pulls him in and Doc begins an all-out charm offensive to win over the red-haired nurse.When the base is attacked by terrorists and his mission goes south, events unfold leading to secrets, old and new, that can tear apart their budding relationship. Can Doc accept her past and convince her to fight for a future together?   

Freeing Fatima.jpg

Freeing Fatima

The Green Beret Series (Books 3)


Paperback (Barnes & Noble) (The Twig-San Antonio) (Amazon)

WINNER: Author Shout's Reader Ready Recommended Read 2022

She never believed in fairytales. He never believed himself a hero. They were both wrong.When Fatima Ali was taken by terrorists, she thought her life was over. When they took her mother away too, she lost all hope, until she saw the tall man with warm amber eyes.Sgt. Marcus DuBose, codename: Skyscraper, never allowed himself to grow attached to hostages. His job was to get in, rescue, and return them home with the greatest efficiency. The deadliest of his Spec Ops team, Skyscraper is cold and calculating, but beneath the icy surface beats the heart of a musician, and oddly enough, a man who believes he’s unworthy of love.In a shootout in Old Town Bucharest, he sees her for the first time. The high-value hostage is the daughter of the Islamic State’s newest bomb-maker. But she’s not the little girl he expected. Instead, he discovers she’s a young woman. A beautiful and brave young woman!When their eyes meet, something inside Skyscraper awakens, and when she screams for help, he comes running. With his captain and teammates at his side, he’s hot on the trail of the kidnappers in a race across Eastern Europe. With a mole leaking information inside their own command blowing their cover, time is not on their side. The clock is ticking as Skyscraper lets down his guard and breaks his own rule to free Fatima. Will she reject the highly-trained killer or will a fairytale finally come true for the star-crossed lovers?

Saving Christmas.jpg

Saving Christmas

The Green Beret Series (Books 4)


Paperback (Barnes & Noble) (TheTwig-San Antonio) (Amazon)

All Lt. Shane McCall wanted for Christmas…was to save her from the mafia! Left on the doorstep of an orphanage Christmas morning, Christmas Jones grew up knowing nothing about her biological parents. But on the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday, everything changed. A letter delivered by a lawyer reveals her origins but opens a Pandora’s box of danger! Home on leave for the holidays, Lt. Shane McCall, codename Badger, looked forward to spending time with family, especially his cousin Dude. Little did he know, a quick detour to his favorite diner would end in meeting a beautiful girl and then saving her life! Drawn in by her fiery spirit and endearing vulnerability, Shane can’t resist. When Chris insists on pursuing answers arising from both events, he knows he can’t let her go it alone. But will the stubborn woman let him help without bucking him every step of the way? As each answer leads to more questions, Chris discovers her past is inextricably tied to two feuding mafia families and a cold case of missing millions of illegal gambling money. Each new clue reveals even more danger, and somewhere between butting heads and running down leads, love blooms. But some bad relationships in her past are preventing Chris from accepting Shane’s incredibly sexy attention in the present. And the guilt he carries deep inside for so many of the things he’s done may stop any shot at a future with the beautiful, feisty Christmas Jones. When she goes missing, Shane must go dark to save her from unscrupulous criminals convinced that she alone is the key to the stolen millions. Will he save Christmas in time?   

Loving Freddie.jpg

Loving Freddie

The Green Beret Series (Books 5)


Paperback (Barnes & Noble) (The Twig-San Antonio) (Amazon)

A devastating loss leads Lt. Allen Williamson to the woman of his dreams, but to save her, he must face the monster from his nightmares!

After suffering horrific abuse as a child, Allen Williamson struggled his entire life to fit in. Finding acceptance in an elite team of Green Berets, his life and his career were on the right track until a call from home derailed everything. The sudden loss of his mother brings him back to Mountlake Terrace, and puts him directly in the path of her colleague, Freddie, whose keen observation leaves Allen both annoyed and intrigued. Despite his broken heart, he finds himself unable to ignore her allure.

Frederika Samuelson was all too familiar with loss, having run away from painful memories left behind in northern California. Or so she thought. When her friend and mentor passes unexpectedly, old wounds are re-opened. And when she comes face to face with her friend’s single, soldier son, she finds he’s not at all what she expected. Quiet and in control, he stirs both her suppressed desire…and tremendous guilt. Curious, Freddie finds her body overruling her head leading to a night of surprising passion! Beneath his Boy Scout exterior lurks fifty shades of kink.

For Freddie, their mutual passion is a revelation. For Allen, it’s a dream come true. But after a night of carnal bliss, Freddie goes missing. With his own team deployed, and his hometown caught in the middle of a squall, Allen finds himself alone with the clock ticking! To save Freddie, Allen must face a terrifying monster from his past, one who nearly killed him years ago. Will the monster finally succeed in his vengeance or will Allen find a way to put an end to his nightmare once and for all, and save the woman he’s grown to love?

Saving Major Morgan.jpg

Saving Major Morgan
The Green Beret Series (The Prequel Novella, Indie Published via M.E. Gwynn Publications)
He promised to come home...

Major Matt "Hawk" Morgan, a decorated Green Beret, looked forward to a well-deserved retirement and Christmas with his wife and two college-bound daughters. But orders came down the pike for one last run. Now caught in a bad situation inside Syria, Hawk fights for his life to keep a promise to his wife Lorraine, one he'd always promised before every single mission—to come back home to her.

Saving Major Morgan is a Green Beret series, Special Forces Operation Alpha prequel novella (the first five Green Beret series, Special Forces Operation Alpha novels are published by Aces Press) recently offered in the month of December as part of the exclusive, limited-time anthology, Naughty & Nice, published through Aces Press. While the anthology is no longer available, you can read Saving Major Morgan here, now, published through M.E. Gwynn Publications.

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