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Queen's Island
An M.E. Gwynn Publication
At thirty-four, Claire Townsend found herself fatigued, fifteen pounds overweight, and in need of medical help. When Doctor Marie Petit prescribes a month-long stay at an exclusive spa on a remote island off the French Riviera, Claire believes she's being sent for some rest and physical rehabilitation, but when she arrives, the 'spa' is not at all what she expected, and neither is her assigned therapist, Cade Malone.

The handsome Aussie is both annoying and alluring by turns, confusing Claire and driving her mad as he invades her personal space, and then withdraws. Things become more muddled as the spa’s sexy head masseuse and the athletic activities director both make plays for her. Despite all the unexpected male attention, it’s Cade’s kisses she desires, his touch she craves against her better judgement after a sexy encounter in the warm sea that later leads to a sharp rejection. Her pride stung, Claire decides to cut her time short on Queen’s Island. But fate, and the weather, have other plans.

When a new patient arrives Claire’s prescribed spa vacation turns dangerous fast. Trapped on the exclusive island resort in a gathering storm, lives are threatened as secrets are revealed. Can Cade keep her safe or will Claire become a pawn in the deadly game played by a loan shark who never bets on anything less than a sure kill?




Hiring John
An M.E. Gwynn Publication

WINNER: Author Shout's Reader Ready Recommended Read 2021

A promotion sends Londoner Britain St. James across the ‘pond’ all the way to Sin City, USA -- Las Vegas. But success isn’t smelling quite as sweet as she realizes she’s middle-aged, single, and with no manly prospects on the horizon. Having no one to share her achievements with sucks, and her man-hungry assistant, Kathy, doesn’t count! As the melancholy sets in, the complimentary drinks flow, and Brit decides that “When in Rome…,” she should do as the Romans do, if the Romans hired male escorts! Before she loses her liquid courage, she makes the call, ordering herself a hot, man-sandwich!


J.D. Russel is stuck sitting in boring seminars in what is supposed to be the adult playground of America babysitting his boss’s annoying son. Sure, Jesse is also his coworker, but J.D. doesn’t care. Recovering from a bad divorce, he craves fun, excitement, and just a little depravity. When he meets a saucy redhead who whisks him off to bed, he feels his prayers to the powers that be have been answered.


Sexy hijinx ensue when Brit hooks up with her man-for-hire. Mistaken identity turns to miscommunication as one awkwardly hilarious one night stand brings two lonely hearts together only to tear them apart. Can they overcome crazy first impressions, and will Brit ever be able to live with herself again after hiring John?


Hiring John is an Erotically Incorrect Comedy Short Story - Mature Content: 18+

Watch the YouTube book trailer here:



Accidentally, On Purpose
An M.E. Gwynn Publication


Accidents happen, or so Cara Delavine always thought. After all, she’d spent her entire life tripping over her own two feet and apologizing for it, but when her curse harms another, it changes everything for the soft-spoken young woman.



Beau Hamilton is a star athlete, the celebrated golden boy for the Vancouver Canuck’s, but his career gets blindsided by a cheesy twist of fate that leaves him not only unable to see his way forward, but unable to see at all!


Two lost souls in need are about to be brought together by three nosy sisters in this warm-hearted winter romance that proves everything happens for a reason, if only Cara can bravely stand up to the angry but handsome Beau, and only if Beau can forgive the person who robbed him of his sight.


Waiting a Lifetime
An M.E. Gwynn Publication
Rated a TOP PICK by The Romance Reviews
"From the moment I began reading I knew I that this was going to be a very emotional read. WAITING A LIFETIME is a beautiful story about two persons who were destined to be together. It shows that love is so powerful that it transcends time and that no matter the challenges faced, if two souls are meant to be, nothing can keep them apart." ~ NadeneR/The Romance Reviews (4 out of 5 Stars)

Wade Walker had his whole life planned out. He was going to earn his law degree, marry his high school sweetheart Arlene Richards, and live the perfect life. But life doesn't always go according to plan. Betrayal was about to derail Wade's well-laid plans, and he would soon discover that he'd been on autopilot heading in the wrong direction.

Melissa Ryan had never been in love. A car accident that robbed her of the full use of her legs as a child left the grown woman too shy to even try and date. Melissa spent her time building up her photography business, but despite all her efforts to avoid men, one found his way to her front door anyway.

Wade knew his buddy Jed's sister was shy. Hell, she ran to her room every time he came over. He'd barely gotten a look at her, but when she finally wandered into Pelican's Market, the opportunity to say hello presented itself, and he took full advantage. There was something pretty special about this quiet girl, and even her crutches couldn't take away from the fact that she was simply beautiful. For the first time in years, Wade felt alive. Melissa brought out the best in him, and he proved to her that she was a desirable woman.

Their love was destined, yet his ex-fiancé couldn't let go. And one stormy night set actions into motion that would have devastating consequences. Wade knew he found the love of his life, but would it be this life or the next before they could be together?

If you love the emotional heartbreak of Nicholas Sparks novels, then you will fall in love with this novella, Waiting a Lifetime.  Read an excerpt here. Watch the trailer on YouTube here:

Nephilim Rising Book IV.jpg
Nephilim Rising
The Angelic Hosts Series Book IV
An M.E. Gwynn Publication
The archangel Gabriel has been busy over the last millennium and Antonio Diaz, a Marine Sergeant—and something else not quite human—is the result. And now he's the new guardian!

With the news of his father’s passing, unbelievable secrets are revealed. All his life, Antonio Diaz believed that his mother, Maria, died in childbirth but when a magically imbued letter is delivered by his late father’s attorney, the Marine’s world is blown apart, and demonkind are alerted to the rise of a new guardian! With the help of his uncle, he discovers the family secret, one he refuses to believe, but with the full blood moon coming that night, he faces a battle the likes of which even the combat soldier is not prepared; one for his very soul!

Blanca Ramos grew up the hard way, an orphan who cared for her little brother as they bounced from one foster family to the next. Grown now and in a good place, she works hard as a waitress while her brother begins college intent on becoming a veterinarian. The only dark cloud comes in the form of a local drug dealer, Alejandro. After she rejects him in front of his friends, he begins stalking the petite woman. When Blanca’s brother goes missing, she confronts the thug and finds herself in a dangerous situation she cannot win.

A handsome hero rushes in to save the day and Blanca finds herself attracted to her rescuer. But Antonio has a terrifying secret, one that pulls her in putting her own life in danger changing her destiny forever. Mystical forces have coalesced choosing the feisty Latina as the next vessel for a supernatural key.

An ancient prophesy is unfolding sending earth-bound demons scrambling for dominion over Hell. The fire demon, Esteban del Fuego, vows to rule over Hell while Lucifer rots in the pit of a thousand years, but first, he will need to destroy the key! To win, he must go through the guardian and his army of archangels, Gabriel, Cassiel, Camael, and Rafael. Will good triumph over evil, and will love save Antonio’s soul?
Sophie's Wish Book III.jpg

Sophie's Wish

The Angelic Hosts Series III

An M.E. Gwynn Publication

Five years have passed since the archangel angel Camael left a newborn baby on the doorstep of Charles and Nanette Fairchild. A child of destiny, Sophie continues to amaze her parents, and collect strays. Now she has befriended a homeless girl - a victim of multiple tragedies, far too many in her young life. In bringing Cecilia home, Sophie has invited darkness to follow sparking an ancient prophesy to life that could either release peace...or Hell on Earth.

Camael's Battle Book II.jpg
Camael's Battle
The Angelic Hosts Series II
An M.E. Gwynn Publication

When an angel falls in love, his heart forever belongs to that one soul. For Camael, loving Hannah Adams has been the blessing of his very long life. The only thing more amazing is the fact that he is going to be a father. However, his joy may be short-lived as the forces of darkness plot to release Lucifer from the pit of a thousand years unleashing hell on Earth, and they plan to use Hannah and her child as the key!

With the goddess, Astarte, orchestrating her fallen lover’s release from hellish incarceration, secrets long buried are revealed causing chaos and throwing obstacles in Camael’s path to rescuing his true love. Even with help from the rebellious Gabriel, and reluctant Michael, he might not make it in time. Can Camael save Hannah and their unborn child or will Lucifer rise to lead an army of darkness into battle for dominion over the heavens and the Earth?

Welcome to the Angelic Hosts, the New Adult series of short stories by Michele E. Gwynn. (Heat level: Sweet, romantic & spiritual action and adventure) Watch the trailer on YouTube here:

Camael's Gift Book I.jpg
Camael's Gift
The Angelic Hosts Series I
An M.E. Gwynn Publication

In the heavenly realms, conflict and war are as routine as escorting souls to the other side. For Camael, his routine has just been disrupted as he finds himself irresistibly drawn to a human woman he encounters while comforting her dying child. To give in to the temptation could damn him to the fallen forever.

Hannah Adams’ heart is broken. Her grief drives her to desperate actions that bring Cam into her life. Her attraction is immediate, but dark forces arise drawn to her for reasons unknown. Her very soul is in danger.

Camael finds himself torn between his loyalty to the Almighty, and his love for a human woman, and with the stakes climbing higher, must choose a side, and play his part as the battle for power between heaven and hell begins.

Census kindle Cover jpeg.jpg
The Harvest Trilogy III
An M.E. Gwynn Publication

Welcome to Marion, Texas, where missing persons cases are the norm and the population of the small town never changes!

The Harvest Trilogy reaches its epic finale in the next town over from the now scorched alien battlefield of Schertz, the city that developed and secretly tested the Celluloss serum on its unsuspecting citizens.

Marion, Texas, population 3,700, is so small, if you blink driving through, you'll miss it. An area business owner is awarded 'Tastiest Meats in Town' by the Chamber of Commerce. John Hester's family-owned meat market is a staple in the region. Respected by the locals, he is above reproach. When he befriends new resident, retired 9/11 firefighter, Jack Callaghan, things get weird. Stranger still are the disappearing residents, thousands of unsolved cold cases dating a half a century back that Callaghan discovers as he and his wife try to settle in. When they begin receiving veiled threats from the Reverend Harcourt Cane warning them to leave, Jack must find a way to protect himself and his wife while helping the FBI solve the mystery of the federal Census that never budges...despite all the missing residents.

(The Harvest Trilogy is a series of theme-related short stories that can be read as stand-alones, but for the full thrill ride, all three are recommended!) The series was inspired by a true event reported to MUFON and detailed in book one, Harvest. (18+ for gore and violence) Watch the trailer on YouTube:

Hybrids Kindle Cover.jpg
The Harvest Trilogy II
An M.E. Gwynn Publication

"Gripping, twisted, and alien!" ~ Brian P. Lane

In 1962, Sergeant Trent Wilkins looked forward to finishing out his military contract pulling guard duty on the underground bunker built into a field in the small town of Schertz, Texas. Little did he know, he was about to get sucked into a government cover up of the murder of one of their own top research specialists. Fifty-two years later, the secret they tried so hard to bury escaped seeking revenge on those involved.
Colonel Louis Reed sought to profit from what the Air Force found in that field all those years ago, and it was working. But now, following a massive explosion beneath the Samuel Clemens football field, he and his fellow conspirators find themselves in danger. ‘It’ was out and coming to get them.
Danny Edwards and Jay Hernandez thought high school was hard, but after being gassed by an unknown entity, and seeing shocking blue orbs flying over their hometown, they knew tougher times were ahead. Danny’s grandfather has a secret, and that secret puts him and his best friend, Jay, and the girl he loves in danger. Schertz is under attack, and no one is coming to help them, least of all, the military who’ve surrounded the city cutting off all exits and entries as they advance on the deadly, sulfuric creatures invading the sleepy suburb.
Time is running out fast. Can three teenagers and one old man save the city of Schertz from extinction?  Watch the trailer on YouTube:

Harvest Kindle Cover.jpg
The Harvest Trilogy I
An M.E. Gwynn Publication

"This book gave me chills..." ~ Sherelle Ellis

"Oh my, I gobbled this up! The story has everything I love: aliens/UFOs, mystery, chills down my spine, and more!" ~ Brian Lane


They arrived in the night. By morning…everyone was gone.

Human greed and gluttony can exist only so long before consequences catch up to actions. For Dave Forrester, the actions of every human living were about to be addressed in his home town of Farley, Oklahoma. A haunting memory from the past becomes a living nightmare. The people of Farley have disappeared without a trace leaving behind only blood-stained clothing and glimpses of frightening unearthly creatures. After losing the people he loves, Dave meets Maggie, a woman who has lost her will to live and is killing herself one drink at a time. Together, they find a reason to keep going even while the world is falling apart. It's all up to Dave and Maggie now to find and save the survivors of the harvest.

Darkest Comunion Kindle Cover NEW.jpg
Darkest Communion
An M.E. Gwynn Publication
Rated a 'Must Read' by The Romance Reviews

WINNER: Author Shout's Reader Ready Recommended Read 2021

"It has an old world feel that helps the reader become invested in the tale of a man and woman separated, and given a rare opportunity to reclaim that love. Their sexual experiences while dreaming are intoxicating". - The Romance Reviews

A Twisted, Dark, Love Triangle Bound by Gypsy Magic 

Mark Anghelescu had lived alone eight-hundred years following the disappearance of the love of his life, Mihaela. He'd lost hope long ago of ever finding out the truth, but when a beautiful American exchange student arrives at the University of Bucharest, he can't believe his eyes. It's her! But how? Feeling as if he's been given a second chance, he pursues Meghan Hartley in her dreams, seducing her. The problem is...he's not the only one. An old nemesis reappears set on claiming Meghan as his own, and determined to settle old scores. Beyond the nearly century-old feud, a gypsy witch seeks to complete a bargain made, one which was reneged by the very man intent upon stealing Meghan for himself. She wants payment, he wants revenge, and Marku Anghelescu wants Meghan. The question is, will she survive or will her life end at the hands of a jilted and jealous man? Darkest Communion is a seductive journey into superstition, gypsy folklore, obsession, and dark desires...

Watch the YouTube Trailer here:

Read an excerpt here.

Section 5 New Cover jpeg BookBrushImage-2021-10-5-19-5525.jpg
An M.E. Gwynn Publication

The missing are being returned...but who is sending them back?

For Special Agents Roger Otis of the FBI and Niall Alchurch of MI6, their assignment to Section 5, a joint international taskforce investigating incidents of unusual origin, has been a step up the career ladder, but the price paid for the privilege grows with each new case. Chasing down mysterious coordinates leads them on a hunt for missing persons across the globe—cases long grown cold. Amid unbelievable discoveries and disturbing nightmares, the agents seek answers. But when the clues lead them back home to the ones they love, it becomes personal. When the mystery unravels, can they handle the horrifying truth?

"The kind of supernatural suspense you'd find in The X-Files." ~ Margaret Madigan, Brothers in Arms & Caine Brothers series

"Another winner from Michele E. Gwynn!" ~ Jami Brumfield, NYT Bestselling Author of the PBI Files series & Winters Saga

"Delicious popcorn reading!" ~ Kindle Vella Review

SECTION 5 is a stand-alone spinoff novel from Gwynn's SciFi chiller series, The Harvest Trilogy. Previously published in Kindle Vella.














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