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The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series

An M.E. Gwynn Publication

"Strongly Recommended! If you like spicy hot reads with non-stop adventure and intrigue, immerse yourself in '[Exposed}The Education of Sarah Brown." ~ NetGalley Review

"I've read Exposed... twice now. I read it back to back, the way you'd listen to your favourite song. There's something about it - the pace, the throbbing tempo - that made it genuinely unputdownable to me." ~ Read Freely Book of the Month Review (April 2020)

"An easy flowing, engrossing, and gripping tale...Steamy, passionate, and tasteful, just as it should be. A good plot and cast where even supporting characters come alive in their own way." ~ Reader's Favorite Review from Award-Winning and Bestselling Author K.J. Simmill

"HOT! Keeps you on your curled toes!" ~ Day Reader Reviews

Exposed Kindle Cover BookBrushImage-2020
Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown
The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series I





She sought romance, but found danger instead! In Barcelona, a womanizing photographer unleashes the full force of his charm on the naive American, a heady cocktail that threatens to steal Sarah's heart, a prize he admits he doesn’t want. Still, she can’t resist him, and finds herself experiencing the heights of ecstasy, and then lows of heartbreak as her lover disappears without a word. In Berlin, a handsome Dutch Lothario seeks to seduce her, but his sordid past catches up, ensnaring Sarah and her new friends in a twisted family feud. When one of them goes missing, dark secrets are revealed, sparking an international manhunt. Will they expose the predator before it's too late?

Welcome to The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series; your passport into a world of dark passions, international crime, and ever-present danger.  Watch the trailer on YouTube:

Exposed Readers Favorite Review Badge 5
Evolution of Elsa Kreiss Kindle Cover AW
The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss
The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series II



What happens when Berlin's premiere dominatrix trades her whip for a badge? She discovers she cannot escape her past. Feisty Elsa Kreiss enters the police academy, expecting her world to be safer for herself and her younger brother. Instead, it only becomes more dangerous!

A new case involving three missing girls pulls her mentor, Kommissar Joseph Heinz, back into the dark abyss of child abductions and human trafficking just as he realizes he’s in love with his partner. While he searches for a killer, Elsa fights her attraction to a sexy bad boy, Lukas Trommler. An art buyer at a local gallery, Lukas exudes culture with an edge of danger, yet there is more to the man than meets the eye. Trommler invites her into his world where she comes face to face with Yuri Ivchencko, one of the wealthiest men in the world with ties to the Russian mafia. When Elsa goes missing, Heinz abandons his current case to rescue his protégé. Doing so brings him face to face with a man from his past, the one he believes responsible for the cold case that haunts him still. The more he digs for clues to Elsa’s whereabouts, the more evidence is revealed linking the three missing girls to his own cold case.

The stakes are high as Heinz races to save the Elsa and to find the missing girls now at the mercy of a sadistic Russian billionaire—before it’s too late!

Start reading The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss from Bestselling Author Michele E. Gwynn tonight. Buy this book now!

If you enjoyed Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, then you will love the action and intrigue of The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss  Watch the trailer on YouTube:

2021 Author Shout Reader Ready Award - R
Redemption Kindle Cover BookBrushImage-2
The Redemption of Joseph Heinz
The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series III

The Kommissar is back, and going rogue in St. Petersburg! A new lead on a cold case, one that has haunted Heinz and nearly cost him his career now offers a path to redemption. A ledger containing the names of abducted girls recovered from the Vledelets during the Ivchencko affair offers renewed hope. With the wedding to his partner-turned-love of his life, Birgitta Mahler, drawing near, Detective Heinz must find a way to close the door on his guilt once and for all. But will his decision to investigate the disappearance of Marlessa Schubert lead him to an answer he can live with or an early grave? All roads lead to one destination, Warehouse 214, and one man, Vladimir Brezhnev, known to his enemies as ‘the Butcher’, and to Interpol as the leader of the Russian mafia. Unsanctioned, and on his own, Heinz pursues his demons. When he fails to check in, his protégé, Officer Elsa Kreiss, must call in a dangerous favor. If she succeeds, Heinz will make it to the church on time, but if she fails, he’ll arrive in a box.  Watch the trailer on YouTube:

Watch a Video Excerpt on YouTube here:

The Making of Herman Faust Kindle Cover Awards 2022 updated.jpg
The Making of Herman Faust
The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series IV
A Page Turner Awards Winner Shortlist 2021 & 2022
Screenplay/Book Adaptation Needed

When the walls come tumbling down…

Herman Faust is the no-nonsense Director of the LandesKriminalamt (LKA) and long-time friend of Kommissar Joseph Heinz. His career spans thirty years, and he is now on the cusp of retirement. Although usually cool and in control, a man of dry wit, it wasn't always so for Faust. With experience, came wisdom, hard won wisdom for which he paid a high price.

1988:  For rookie officer Herman Faust, a routine, late night traffic stop turns into the apprehension of a high priority defector, one with ties to the Soviet bio-weapons program Obolensk. After bringing the woman and her brother in for questioning, the man disappears, and the woman is found inside her holding cell…dead. The American CIA intervenes, confiscating the woman’s corpse and demanding answers even as more bodies pile up around them. Faust has none to offer, but begins receiving anonymous calls threatening his family, and his own life. As clues come to light linking his superior, Captain Rolf Rheinhardt, to the woman, and to a Soviet plot to launch a biological weapon on the American Embassy, Faust knows he must risk all to stop the deadly pathogen from being released on innocent civilians. The stability of West Berlin is at risk, and if Faust fails to solve the case, it will be war! This is his story. This is the making of Herman Faust.  Watch the trailer on YouTube here:

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