Michele E. Gwynn is an award-winning, Amazon Bestselling Multigenre Author of Crime/Detective books, Military Romance, Sci-Fi/Horror, and Fantasy and Contemporary Romance.

Amazon Bestsellers List for--Once Upon a Midnight, Oct, 2016 Amazon US; Darkest Communion from Michele E. Gwynn in this anthology.

Amazon Bestsellers List--The Winter Wishes Collection, March & April 2017 Amazon UK. Sophie's Wish from Michele E. Gwynn in this anthology.

The Redemption of Joseph Heinz-Shortlisted Top 100 Read Freely's Best Indie Books of 2017.

Secondhand Soldier-Read Freely's TOP 50 Indie Books of 2019 Winner and Author Shout Reader Ready Recommended Read Silver Medal Winner 2019.

Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown--Top 15 Best Books We've Read All Year 2020, Read Freely.

Second Chance Soldier--50 Best Indie Books 2020, Read Freely).

Second Breath Soldier--Read Freely's TOP 50 Best Indie Books of 2021, Author Shout Reader Ready Recommended Read 2022

Page Turner Awards Shortlist Finalist 2021 and 2022 for The Making of Herman Faust in the categories of Book Award (2021) and Screenplay/Book Adaptation Needed (2021 & 2022).

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Michele E. Gwynn is a former online content writer and journalist. Having written for many renowned magazines and newspapers, she finally decided to go for her dream and wrote her first fiction novel Harvest in 2011. Since then, she has published in a variety of genres from horror/science fiction, crime thrillers, supernatural mystery, paranormal and contemporary romance. She has won a variety of awards and been on several bestseller lists including Amazon UK and Amazon US. Michele’s series include the “Harvest Trilogy,” “Angelic Hosts,” “Checkpoint, Berlin” and “Soldiers of PATCH-COM.” She has also penned several single standing novels such as “Darkest Communion” and “Queen’s Island,” and a collection of short stories titled “Fractured.”

Gwynn loves to describe herself as a supporter of animal rights, women’s rights, and an unapologetic news junkie as well as an advocate for the protection of the environment. She is a progressive, brought up poor to lower middle-class, and hence understands how much work it takes to make it. Michele’s father was  military and she was born while he was stationed in Germany though later raised by her mother and stepfather in south Texas. At age five, Michele was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis which was quite devastating. However, she refused to be held down by her prognosis and while she was not expected to live beyond seventeen, she went on to thrive instead of wither away. In 2008, she graduated from San Antonio College with a degree in Broadcast Technology and this paved the way for a career in journalism after she had been working in medical referrals and billing for more than a decade. As a journalist, she interviewed all manner of people and celebrities as a stringer for Hearst Corp and online websites such as Examiner. She also stretched her talents and worked in PR where she worked for the likes of West Coast Leather – San Francisco, FashionErotica Magazine NY among others for whom she wrote press releases/PR kits, and managed their social media and marketing. She has also been a website contributor and editor and freelanced as a book editor. The message of hope in her stories is a testament to her passion for equality and justice.

Michele Gwynn has always loved writing and wrote her first piece of fiction in third grade. She has come a long way since then as she has published several bestselling novels and highly successful series in a variety of genres. She has always been a very creative person with an appreciation of twisty plots, one hell of an imagination and a desire to talk about important social issues. For instance, a recurrent theme in her award-winning “Checkpoint, Berlin” detective series is the abduction of children and women and human trafficking. Given her passion for social issues and justice, she writes about good but flawed people that do their best to help each other because that is who they are. She writes raw in-your-face narratives and has said that she hopes to inspire and entertain her readers with intelligent plots sprinkled with humor, real-world facts, a hint of steam, and a touch of romance.

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My permanent #TBT. Age 21, I was preparing for major hip replacement surgery (both hips at once at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland AFB.) I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since age 5. By age 21, there was significant damage to my hips and knees (all joints, but particularly these four). I was afraid. It was my first major surgery (knees followed two years later and revisions 10+ years after). So, I figured at least there would be a decent picture of me in the event anything went wrong. Morbid, I know. Gotta love that 90s big hair though, right? Thirty years later, I'm still walking, but the hair came down about 4 inches and much smoother. I do still like my big hoop earrings.

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