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Assassin Thriller/Fan Fiction
Abstract Lights

From the world of New York Times Bestselling Author Barry Eisler comes a fan fiction novella, John Rain: A Cell in San Antonio by Bestselling Author Michele E. Gwynn

John Rain has 24 hours to repay a favor...the only way he knows how!

On the run from the Yakuza, Rain reluctantly takes a detour to the Alamo City to take out the son of the leader of an up and coming Mexican drug cartel. The Hands of Death have invaded yakuza territory, and their product is making a killing and endangering the unspoken understanding and often criminal alliance between the Yakuza and Japanese government officials.

Juan Narvaez Morales, Jr. is in federal custody. The FBI seek to flip him as an asset, but have only 72 hours in which to do so. On his last day in custody, Rain must successfully infiltrate the jail and terminate his target, all within 24 hours, and still make it out alive and undiscovered. This is a fast-paced thriller that will leave you on edge, and as always, cheering for John Rain. 

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A Cell in San Antonio cover new colorful
Romantic Suspense
Abstract Water
Queens Island New Freebie cover.jpg

At thirty-four, Claire Townsend found herself fatigued, fifteen pounds overweight, and in need of medical help. When Doctor Marie Petit prescribes a month-long stay at an exclusive spa on a remote island off the French Riviera, Claire believes she's being sent for some rest and physical rehabilitation, but when she arrives, the 'spa' is not at all what she expected, and neither is her assigned therapist, Cade Malone.

The handsome Aussie is both annoying and alluring by turns, confusing Claire and driving her mad as he invades her personal space, and then withdraws. Things become more muddled as the spa’s sexy head masseuse and the athletic activities director both make plays for her. Despite all the unexpected male attention, it’s Cade’s kisses she desires, his touch she craves against her better judgement after a sexy encounter in the warm sea that later leads to a sharp rejection. Her pride stung, Claire decides to cut her time short on Queen’s Island. But fate, and the weather, have other plans.

When a new patient arrives Claire’s prescribed spa vacation turns dangerous fast. Trapped on the exclusive island resort in a gathering storm, lives are threatened as secrets are revealed. Can Cade keep her safe or will Claire become a pawn in the deadly game played by a loan shark who never bets on anything less than a sure kill?

For Claire, Cade Malone was just what the doctor ordered...
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