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What's New?

It has been a while since I last updated you all, but I have a few new projects and some interesting new products.

Let's start with the products. ;)

First, I've just released a new children's illustrated fiction, The Humble Bumble Bee. This 38-page picture book is filled with engaging, colorful illustrations to help tell the tale of the humble bumble bee, our little bee friend. It is both sweet and educational, and available in paperback through Amazon. Ages 3-8. Dimensions: 8 x 8, paperback.

The Humble Bumble Bee $8.99

Have you met the humble bumble bee?

The bumble bee is our friend, and his never ending work helps us in so many ways. The Humble Bumble Bee tells the tale of how important our bee buddies are and what we can do to help them.

The next two projects, while also books, are designed by me but will be written by you. Why? They're journals. I've dipped a toe into creating two gorgeous journals for everyone who enjoys the writing process for whatever reason.

Rainy Day Random Thoughts Journal is a 6 x 9 matte cover paperback filled with images of rainy days to inspire mood and empty pages just waiting for you to record your ideas, organize your thoughts, and weave your words into prose and poetry.

Available on Amazon: $16.99

Into every life, a little rain must fall. Why not write while it does? There is no denying rainy days are a time of relaxation and reflection. And what better place to ponder deep thoughts while the raindrops fall than a rainy day journal. Order yours today, then curl up in your favorite chair with a warm blanket and your journal and pen in hand. Put thoughts to words in this lovely 6 x 9 matte paperback journal filled with pictures to inspire the perfect cozy mood.

The last new product is Dear Diary, My "Because some thoughts are plain AWKWARD" Journal. This one was created in fun, for those crazy, funny, awkward moments that you absolutely must write down. The inspiration came from my romantic comedy, Hiring John. In fact, the covers are similar for just that reason. Poor Britain St. James needed this diary because no one would believe what happened to her in Vegas. Except Kathy. She witnessed some of it. And J.D. Yes, J.D. definitely saw an unleashed side of Brit! This journal is for all your "unleashed" moments.

Dear Diary comes available June 1st in hardcover from Ingram. Keep an eye on my website for links. It will be available wherever books are sold.

And now for writing updates.

I have SOOOOO much coming out beginning this fall. The third book in The Soldiers of PATCH-COM, Second Breath Soldier, followed by the FOURTH book in the series, Silent Night Soldier. In addition, there will be a surprise prequel to the Green Beret series being published courtesy Aces Press. More on that one later but keep your eyes peeled because it's going to be quite the gift for you. It's possible it might also be introducing what will be a new spinoff military romance series. Maybe. Just sayin'... Sssh! It's a secret!

I am also embarking on a new genre under a pen name, a four-book series in the science fiction romance genre. I am loving this and I hope you will too. Creating an entire world is a huge undertaking but I'm such a sci-fi nerd that I ran into it headlong, ridiculous grin on my face, squealing like a little girl. Book one is written and in edits. Book two has begun. It's exciting to be writing something so different than what I'm used to. Die-hard fans will find my new pen name familiar.

As soon as the first book in the sci-fi series launches, I will post announcements and links. Just know I've been a busy bee and I am committed to bringing you new, engaging, action-packed romantic stories.

I hope this post finds you healthy, hopefully vaccinated already, and thriving. It feels good knowing we're finally on a good path toward normalcy again. I've missed seeing my readers in person and hope to begin in-person books signings and other events soon.

Until then, wishing you all the best.


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