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The Secrets Penguins Keep

I wonder what they're saying to each other. Like, what kind of conversations do penguins have?

I imagine they have to do with fish. Who wants fish...who has fish... Probably they talk about mates, too, and where to find the best pebbles to give to their mates. Is the main pebble peddler called Jared? Jared the Penguin, certified pebble peddler. And when a female penguin gets a shiny new pebble from her beau, does she tell all the single chicks that her guy went to Jared's? Do the other female penguins get jealous?

Oh, and I bet the weather is a BIG topic!

It's cold. It's really cold. It's really, really, really cold! Anyone know how cold it's going to be tomorrow? Might have to bring the colony in a bit tighter for the big cold front coming in...

Yeah, I figure those conversations go something like that. Pretty much like us.

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