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Ring in the Season with The Bells of Winter

Updated: Nov 24, 2017

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One-Click, a 12 Story Seasonal Box Set from 12 of Your Favorite Bestselling and Award Winning Authors

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The Bells of Winter is a 12 book box set of warm-hearted stories from 12 bestselling and award-winning authors that crosses all genres. Their singular theme? Bells....

Courtesy of Paper Gold Publishing, enjoy this gorgeous set this holiday, including my Exclusive Romantic Comedy, 

Accidentally, On Purpose. 


Accidents happen, or so Cara Delavine always thought. After all, she’d spent her entire life tripping over her own two feet and apologizing for it, but when her curse harms another, it changes everything for the soft-spoken young woman.

Beau Hamilton is a star athlete, the celebrated golden boy for the Vancouver Canuck’s, but his career gets blindsided by a cheesy twist of fate that leaves him not only unable to see his way forward, but unable to see at all!

Two lost souls in need are about to be brought together by three nosy sisters in this warm-hearted winter romance that proves everything happens for a reason, if only Cara can bravely stand up to the angry but handsome Beau, and only if Beau can forgive the person who robbed him of his sight. 



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