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FREE audiobooks on my YouTube Channel

Hi Readers!

It's me, Michele, the author who loves too many genres of books to stay in one lane. Pretty sure you all don't mind, though. I wanted to give you a heads-up to head over to my YouTube Channel where you can begin to enjoy the first full-length audiobooks in both The Harvest Trilogy (Harvest) and the Angelic Hosts series, Camael's Gift...FREE.

I'll be posting the entire Harvest Trilogy (books 2 and 3) soon, and also book 2 in the angel series (and getting books 3 & 4 narrated to publish out there). There are NO STRINGS ATTACHED. But I do ask two small boons for offering these free audiobooks; One, please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, and, Two, tell your audiobook-loving friends so they, too, can subscribe and be kept informed when the next audiobook comes out. I'll be doing several more as I go along, some stand alones in my military romance series and a few other projects in the works.

What a great way to enjoy books you love! You can listen to them while you drive, on your lunch break, or even on your Roku TV when you pull up YouTube. Sound good?

Here are the links.

Harvest (Contemporary Sci-Fi Mystery):

Camael's Gift (Romantic Fantasy: Sweet):

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