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Eastwood Needs Your Votes!

Hey Hey, Special Forces & Military Romance Fans! I have some exciting news. My book, Secondhand Soldier, the spinoff from my Green Beret series (Eastwood's story) is officially in the top 100 of the Read Freely's Top 50 Best Books of 2019 Contest for Romance. Over the next few weeks, they will be whittling that number of 100 down to the Top 50, which means Eastwood needs your votes!

If you have a quick moment, please stop by and vote for Secondhand Soldier. I got here because of all of you. Let's go all the way to the top of the list! Love you all, and the truth is, it would take me an entire book to express how grateful I am and how much I appreciate you for reading these stories, and Susan for inviting me to write in her world which led to Sgt. Harold Tyler's spinoff in The Soldiers of PATCH-COM. Thank you, thank you, thank you! xoxoxo

(I rambled. I know. But I'm so excited!!!)

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