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Black Friday Book Deals

Hello, Book lovers,

Michele here, and do I have some great book deals for you! I know, you've overloaded yourself with turkey and all the trimmings, and are thinking you really should get off the couch, but it has its arms around you, holding you close like the best boyfriend (or girlfriend) anywhere. So, hey, why not just kick back and let your mind take a vacation?

Check out these titles from me and the crazy-sexy Xaviera Snow. Only $0.99 each, and you can travel to Berlin, St. Petersburg, Bucharest, and Las Vegas, baby! Best exercise in the world! Burn 300 calories per book... (not supported by the American Medical Association or the FDA. It's really some existential, cutting-edge, new-age alternative medicine stuff that I'm making up on the fly. Okay, it's patently untrue, but you will most definitely enjoy the journeys in each of these stories!). Don't forget to stop by Amazon or your preferred retailer to leave a review. You might burn a calorie or two per review. Depends on how much you type. Wink, wink. I'm happy to contribute to your continued good health like that. It's my good deed for the day. Now hop on over and download your new books! Thanks for your support. I appreciate you more than I can say.

The Redemption of Joseph Heinz (The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series III):

High Octane Action, Gritty Emotion set against a thrilling plot that takes you deep inside the Russian Federation.... Grab this Crime Thriller, Shortlisted for Read Freely's Best Indie Books of 2017, for $0.99!!! This is the 3rd novel in The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series. (Be sure to download the Prequel Novella, The Making of Herman Faust -- FREE -- on All Retailers).

Find your preferred retailer here:

Darkest Communion:

After indulging in decadent food, indulge in decadent, dark romance! Darkest Communion, a bestselling paranormal tale set in Romania will take you on a journey deep into the mountains of Moldova. When exchange student Meghan Hartley arrived in Bucharest, she felt as if she'd come. And then the dreams began...

Grab yours from your preferred retailer here:

Hiring John by Xaviera Snow:

Hot and Hilarious! Work off that Thanksgiving binge-eating with some belly laughs!

Hiring John is ON SALE for $0.99. ALL RETAILERS! Grab yours. Enjoy the romance, the joie de vivre, the erotic comedy of it all. It's Vegas, free crabs, drag queens, and raucous sexy situations in this madcap erotic rom-com.

Download from your preferred site here:

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