Saving Christmas

The Green Beret Series Book IV  




All Lt. Shane McCall wanted for Christmas…was to save her from the mafia! 

Left on the doorstep of an orphanage Christmas morning, Christmas Jones grew up knowing nothing about her biological parents. But on the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday, everything changed. A letter delivered by a lawyer reveals her origins but opens a Pandora’s box of danger! 

Home on leave for the holidays, Lt. Shane McCall, codename Badger, looked forward to spending time with family, especially his cousin Dude. Little did he know, a quick detour to his favorite diner would end in meeting a beautiful girl and then saving her life! 

Drawn in by her fiery spirit and endearing vulnerability, Shane can’t resist. When Chris insists on pursuing answers arising from both events, he knows he can’t let her go it alone. But will the stubborn woman let him help without bucking him every step of the way? As each answer leads to more questions, Chris discovers her past is inextricably tied to two feuding mafia families and a cold case of missing millions of illegal gambling money. 

Each new clue reveals even more danger, and somewhere between butting heads and running down leads, love blooms. But some bad relationships in her past are preventing Chris from accepting Shane’s incredibly sexy attention in the present. And the guilt he carries deep inside for so many of the things he’s done may stop any shot at a future with the beautiful, feisty Christmas Jones. When she goes missing, Shane must go dark to save her from unscrupulous criminals convinced that she alone is the key to the stolen millions. Will he save Christmas in time?

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Secondhand Soldier

The Soldiers of PATCH-COM Book I 


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Second chances didn't happen for everyone, but for Sgt. Harold Tyler, it was mandated. Armed with that second chance and the love of a good woman, he must now protect both from an unwitting traitor and an ambitious Russian agent.

From Bestselling Author Michele E. Gwynn comes a thrilling new series packed with intrigue, action, and romance. The Soldiers of PATCH-COM.

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