A devastating loss leads Lt. Allen Williamson to the woman of his dreams, but to save her, he must face the monster from his nightmares!

After suffering horrific abuse as a child, Allen Williamson struggled his entire life to fit in. Finding acceptance in an elite team of Green Berets, his life and his career were on the right track until a call from home derailed everything. The sudden loss of his mother brings him back to Mountlake Terrace, and puts him directly in the path of her colleague, Freddie, whose keen observation leaves Allen both annoyed and intrigued. Despite his broken heart, he finds himself unable to ignore her allure.

Frederika Samuelson was all too familiar with loss, having run away from painful memories left behind in northern California. Or so she thought. When her friend and mentor passes unexpectedly, old wounds are re-opened. And when she comes face to face with her friend’s single, soldier son, she finds he’s not at all what she expected. Quiet and in control, he stirs both her suppressed desire…and tremendous guilt. Curious, Freddie finds her body overruling her head leading to a night of surprising passion! Beneath his Boy Scout exterior lurks fifty shades of kink.

For Freddie, their mutual passion is a revelation. For Allen, it’s a dream come true. But after a night of carnal bliss, Freddie goes missing. With his own team deployed, and his hometown caught in the middle of a squall, Allen finds himself alone with the clock ticking! To save Freddie, Allen must face a terrifying monster from his past, one who nearly killed him years ago. Will the monster finally succeed in his vengeance or will Allen find a way to put an end to his nightmare once and for all, and save the woman he’s grown to love?

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Second Chance Soldier

The Soldiers of PATCH-COM Book II 



A soldier traumatized by war. A woman haunted by abuse. Two broken souls brought together by cartel violence. Can love heal their hearts?


Gerry "Mac" Maclean, Army Airborne Ranger, has lost much serving his country, but through a paperwork glitch, found a home at PATCH-COM. When a cartel war erupts south of the border he and his unit are sent in to evacuate American civilians caught in

in the crossfire. Faced with his first mission jump since his arrival at Camp Lazarus and the pressure of leading the team, Mac struggles with his inner demons. Only two things are keeping him from falling apart; loyalty to his team, and the haunted brown eyes of the beautiful American hostage Connie Wheeler. But what was she doing in Quintana Roo all alone? And why is she afraid to go home?

Continuing from the multiple award-winning debut novel Secondhand Soldier (Winner of Read Freely's TOP 50 Indie Books of 2019 and Author Shout's Recommended Reads Silver Medal Winner) comes the second tale in The Soldiers of PATCH-COM, a unit of wounded and broken soldiers, courageous and driven by integrity, fidelity, and honor...

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