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Entire Oklahoma Town Goes Missing, Reports of Strange Lights in the Night Sky

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Checkpoint Prequel Now Available!

I have a FABULOUS announcement! The Prequel to my Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series is now available EXCLUSIVELY to my Newsletter Subscribers. If you signed up, the email has gone out delivering it to your mailbox. If you have not yet signed up, what are you waiting for?

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Sink Your Fangs into these 99 Cent Books!

From the Wolf Pack, and happening May 1 -5, SHARE THE BITE!
More than 2 dozen amazing vampire romances ON SALE for $0.99! Grab yours before it bites you!
FYI: I coupled this amazing offer with a signed paperback giveaway of my paranormal romance, Darkest Communion, EXCLUSIVELY to my Newsletter Subscribers. You can get in on these fun giveaways by SUBSCRIBING to my newsletter.
Today's newsletter went out...wide across the globe! I have Subscribers from all over, and I've got to say, that's really cool! These are the countries that opened my newsletter today. Awesome! I offer both U.S.-based giveaways and special giveaways for international subscribers. (Oh, and you also get a free ebook or two when you sign up....)  Subscribe HERE:
United States Canada United Kingdom Netherlands Slovenia Spain Greece Macedonia Pu…

Checkpoint Author Visits The Faust Hotel

There's quite a lot of history to be found in the small towns outside of San Antonio. One of these gems happens to be The Faust Hotel & Brewing Company located just 15 minutes from my house, right up I35 North, in the town of New Braunfels, Texas.

Mondays are usually so dull, but my friend Carmen was off work, and we decided to head on over to The Faust for dinner. I found it online when checking for good places to scarf down some German food, and when I saw the name of it, I knew we had to go there. As many of you know, one of my engaging Checkpoint series characters shares the same last name, Herman Faust, the dry-witted Direktor of the Landeskriminalamt (LKA). I felt it was a sign, one that screamed "Come here!"

Off we gals went, enjoying great conversation on the way. The Faust sits on S. Seguin Ave. near the historic downtown region of New Braunfels. Out front of this four-story hotel is a bubbling fountain that is part of the front-facing wall. The night desk …

Readers Rock Mega Event for 99 Cent Book Lovers!

The Readers Rock Mega Book Event is in Full Effect!! Sponsored by Go Big or Go Home, come on by and grab a ton of awesome books from your favorite authors (including moi!) for $0.99.

What do Readers Think of Redemption?

Hello, Berliners!

It's a rainy spring day in San Antonio. My garden is green and blooming, and my cat, Sammy, doesn't feel like he needs to rise from bed on such a gray day.

Reviews are coming in for The Redemption of Joseph Heinz, and so far, so good! 5-Star reviews for Det. Heinz!

***** Great read. Byreader2010on April 11, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
"It was hard to put this one down. a fantastic third book in this series. Great read. No spoilers here." ***** A Crime and Redemption Story ByAurora Dawnon April 6, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition ..."This story is full of the action, violence and criminal and political intrigue we've come to expect from Gwynn. It follows not only Heinz himself but Direktor Faust, Heinz's fiancee Birgitta Mahler and the newly promoted Elsa Keiss and chronicles two seemingly unrelated investigations, one in St. Petersburg and the other in Berlin. Followers of the series will become reacquainted with old friend…

Website Issues Fixed


I wanted to drop in and let everyone know that there were some issues earlier with my website. My fault. I missed a notification in my email about the domain, but it has all been taken care of now, and everything is back up, running smoothly once again.

Thanks for your patience! Please feel free to brows around. Read a little. Subscribe to my newsletter, and share this page with friends.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Michele E. Gwynn

Modern Day Slavery and the Hidden Horrors of Human Trafficking

As a writer, I'm very much influenced by the news I read every day. (I'm an unapologetic news junkie). So many of the stories I read hit me right in the heart and send me into fits of outrage, but none so much as the trafficking of women and children in the sex trade. I hadn't realized how much it affected me until book three in my Checkpoint, Berlin series came out. All three books deal with this issue from both the law enforcement side, and from the point of view of characters. It hit me as quite a shock. When, exactly, had I decided to tackle this issue in this manner?

I think two things are true about writers: One, we feel things deeply. It's often why we write. We need the outlet. These thoughts and emotions have to go somewhere, and two, the writing process itself is a mystery. Even when I plot out a story, it takes twists along the way, veering off into dark and unexpected alleys as the characters take on their own lives, leading me, and demanding I follow. 

In b…

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