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Loving Leisl Now on Pre-Order


Loving Leisl, book two in the Green Beret series, Special Forces: Operation Alpha is now ready for you to One-Click! Pre-order now and it will be delivered to your Kindle on March 12th. Are you excited?

Sergeant Leisl Craig spent her life fighting for everything she'd earned including becoming a combat nurse—alone. Then cancer threatened to take it all away. Until now, she never needed anyone...and then she met Doc.

For Sergeant Major Jason Lee Gordon, codename Doc, a Green Beret medic in a tight-knit special operations group, life happened, and he rolled with it. The easy-going charmer only ever had to flash his dimples and women lined up outside his door, already half in love with the caring Doc. But casual hookups were growing old after seeing his friend and team leader, Outlaw, fall in love. He’d begun to think he’d never find his special someone until a sniper ambush brings him to a quiet, troubled nurse.

Focused on her own pain, she is unimpressed by the handsome soldier’s overtures, ignoring him as she worries what will become of her, of her career, and Pooch. But instead of being put off when she rebuffs him, he finds himself more intrigued, especially after overhearing Leisl pouring out her heart to a stray dog. Disturbed by her plight, he can’t walk away. Something about her pulls him in and Doc begins an all-out charm offensive to win over the red-haired nurse.

When the base is attacked by terrorists and his mission goes south, events unfold leading to secrets, old and new, that can tear apart their budding relationship. Can Doc accept her past and convince her to fight for a future together?

Loving Leisl on Amazon:

Did you miss the first book in the Green Beret Series? No problem! Rescuing Emma is available on KindleUnlimited too. Grab it. Read it. Love it. Review it, and then move on to Loving Leisl.

Rescuing Emma on Amazon:

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