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Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown is Read Freely's Book of the Month

Out today! Read Freely's readers chose my book, Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown as their April Book of the Month. And the review is out...

What it's about

Apparently there's an adage in Hollywood that the plots of all good movies can be summarised in 6 words. I don't know if that aphorism holds true for all good books, but it's definitely true for Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown. A sheltered librarian discovers the world.

Sarah Brown is your stereotypical fictional librarian - severe and serious, but drop-dead gorgeous behind her stern glasses (I need to go back to confirm that she actually wears glasses, but let's assume that she does). She's lived a sheltered life, raised by a puritanical mother, with Regency romance novels as her only friends. But when her mother dies and leaves her a hefty insurance payout, Sarah decides to buy some Louis Vuitton luggage and head to Europe in search of "freedom, love, sex."

What we love about it I've read Exposed... twice now. I read it back to back, the way you'd listen to your favourite song. There's something about it - the pace, the throbbing tempo - that made it genuinely unputdownable to me.

Most of the adventure takes place in Barcelona and Berlin, two of the most characterful cities in Europe. The author, Michele E. Gwynn, obviously knows both cities well, and is masterful in the way she uses their idiosyncrasies to paint in the background, fleshing out the world of the story.

Freedom love, sex: in finding the latter two, Sarah comes close to permanently losing the former.

The sex in this book is mind-blowing. There's a drop-dead gorgeous American man, a trio of bisexual German dominatrixes, a smooth-talking Dutch sex club owner.

But I don't want to sell this book to you as something less than what it is: it's not all sex. What drives it along is a tale of international crime, kidnapping, pedophilia and evil.

Sarah Brown came to Europe looking for adventure. There's a chance that she just might have bitten more than she can chew.

Psst! The entire series is available on Amazon and #KindleUnlimited.

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