• Michele E. Gwynn

A Case of Growing Cold: Heavy is the Heart that Wears the Badge.

Updated: Nov 6, 2017

“Papa, she’s gone! Marlessa is gone!”

The words rang in his ears like an echo even now as he stared at the ships leaving the Port of Hamburg. She’d been here, he was sure of it. One eye witness statement claimed that a sailor had been seen carting a young woman over his shoulder as he boarded a Russian cargo carrier late one evening three nights ago. All efforts to obtain the dock manifest led to naught. According to the port authority, no such ship had departed on that night or any other in the last month. Still, the witness had been certain, and Heinz believed her.

But now, he’d run out of leads. He didn’t know what he would tell his daughter when he returned to Berlin. Worse, Marlessa’s parents were waiting too. How could he face them? The Schuberts had been their friends for most of the girls’ lives. Ingrid and Marlessa were inseparable, always with each other wherever they went, except for that last day. Marlessa left school with a young man no one seemed to know, and she hadn’t returned. The police had been called, but the Schuberts insisted only Kommissar Joseph Heinz should handle the case. He was their family friend, and he knew their daughter. Another detective just wouldn’t do.

Heinz rubbed his chest, trying to ease the pain. He turned to leave. Knowing he would see his daughter again was his only consolation. He just hoped she could forgive him his failure.

Copyright (C) 2016, Michele E. Gwynn All Rights Reserved. This work of fiction cannot be republished or reposted in part or whole without the author's permission. 

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