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Pre-Made Book Covers by Emeegee Graphics

Contact me here with the title of the cover you are interested in purchasing:

eBook Covers $25

Sweethearts BookBrushImage-2020-8-22-3-5
Erotic Captive BookBrushImage-2020-8-22-
Mysterious Arab woman BookBrushImage-202
A Dark Prince BookBrushImage-2020-8-22-2
Cowby Kindle Cover BookBrushImage-2020-8
Her VIP ebook BookBrushImage-2020-10-7-0
Trading Up ebook BookBrushImage-2020-10-
Come Rain or Shine ebook BookBrushImage-
Murder Under Ground BookBrushImage-2020-
Bruja BookBrushImage-2021-2-27-19-3721.j

Paperback wrap PDF $35

(Need an ebook cover to match? Add $10)

What We Fear Most BookBrushImage-2020-8-
A Blissful Winter paperback BookBrushIma
Without Him redo BookBrushImage-2020-10-
Her Secret full wrap BookBrushImage-2020
Last Tango BookBrushImage-2020-8-22-23-3
A Place Where Ghosts Rest BookBrushImage
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