Are you an indie author in need of an editor? Hi! I'm Michele E. Gwynn, an Amazon bestselling author and former journalist from San Antonio. As a journalist, I covered news and events for the Northeast Herald and North Central News (Hearst) as well as local community magazines. As an online content contributor for sites like Yahoo Voices, Salon, Examiner. com,, and Film Industry Network, I conducted celebrity interviews and wrote articles on social issues ranging from politics to animal rights to relationships. 

As an indie author myself, I know how difficult it is to wear every hat in order to publish a book. We are not only writers, we are also editors, proofreaders, formatters, cover designers, publishers, marketers, and our own public relations cheerleaders. I can take one of those hats off your head, help lighten your load. 

I worked as a senior editor for a fledgling fashion photography website in 2013 and moved on to both writing my own books and editing for a select number of authors along the way thereafter.  I'm now making it official by adding this editing services page. Why? Because every time I complete an edit, my happy customers refer more clients my way. Thank you! 


Ask me about pricing. It is dependent upon which service you choose from the list and word count. I do charge a flat rate for each service to make life easier. Bookings are based upon availability. (Contact email below)

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My mission is simple, to make you happy. Whether it is a full copy edit or following up as the proofer using text-to-speech software, my goal is to provide you with a clean, publishable copy. How much of my help you need is up to you. See the list of services below.


Proofing:  Proofing is the basic service provided using text-to-speech software to read the text aloud while I read along with it. Proofing checks for missed and misused words and basic grammar and punctuation errors. I make three passes using this process to create a clean copy. Changes are tracked so that you can see what is changed/corrected. You can choose which changes/corrections to accept. 

Full Copy Edit: The full copy edit includes the above listed service along with suggestions to improve readability, continuity, and flow.