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Welcome to the world of Checkpoint, where crime never sleeps, passions burn, and danger lurks around every corner. This three novel/one novella series is set in Berlin, Germany and travels to Hamburg, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Sweden, and St. Petersburg. The characters are complex, flawed, and all too human, and I've come to love every single one. It's my greatest wish to spread the world of Checkpoint, Berlin to every possible reader of international crime and mystery across the globe, and I'm doing all I can to make that happen, but it's an expensive process for an Indie author on her own. I'm author, often editor, agent, public relations manager, marketing guru, and office flunkie all rolled up into one package. I get to harass myself on the daily with no one to complain to except...myself. Let me just say that my boss is a real bitch about getting things done so I'm trying things I never thought I'd do, including this; setting up a donations button. 

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I am setting up the spreadsheet to market this entire series in every major ebook marketing site and newsletter. This is no small undertaking, especially since the best of the best, the Top Gun of ebook advertisers charge a small fortune, something most Indie authors cannot afford, even those who've had the good fortune to hit the bestsellers list on Amazon twice. A fun fact about that is...it doesn't last. On top today, toppled tomorrow. It's a dog-eat-dog world in indie publishing. 

So, if you LOVE the world of Checkpoint, and the spirit moves you, please take a moment and donate to the marketing slush fund. I estimate it will cost in the region of $2500 to make a massive push. Any amount helps. Couch change, the cost of a cup of coffee, or the loose change weighing your wallet down. Your support is priceless, and I will continue to write epic crime mysteries in this world for you. 

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The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series presents a short, original, unpublished scene from the life of Kommissar Joseph Heinz. Get a peek into his past.

“Papa, she’s gone! Marlessa is gone!”

The words rang in his ears like an echo even now as he stared at the ships leaving the Port of Hamburg. She’d been here, he was sure of it. One eye witness statement claimed that a sailor had been seen carting a young woman over his shoulder as he boarded a Russian cargo carrier late one evening three nights ago. All efforts to obtain the dock manifest led to naught. According to the port authority, no such ship had departed on that night or any other in the last month. Still, the witness had been certain, and Heinz believed her.

But now, he’d run out of leads. He didn’t know what he would tell his daughter when he returned to Berlin. Worse, Marlessa’s parents were waiting too. How could he face them? The Schuberts had been their friends for most of the girls’ lives. Ingrid and Marlessa were inseparable, always with each other wherever they went, except for that last day. Marlessa left school with a young man no one seemed to know, and she hadn’t returned. The police had been called, but the Schuberts insisted only Kommissar Joseph Heinz should handle the case. He was their family friend, and he knew their daughter. Another detective just wouldn’t do.

Heinz rubbed his chest, trying to ease the pain. He turned to leave. Knowing he would see his daughter again was his only consolation. He just hoped she could forgive him his failure.

Copyright (C) 2016, Michele E. Gwynn All Rights Reserved. This work of fiction cannot be republished or reposted in part or whole without the author's permission. 

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The Making of Herman Faust (A Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series Prequel Novella) Available to my Newsletter Subscribers FREE! Subscribe Here to download your FREE copy.
Prefer it in print? You can purchase the paperback on Amazon and B&N.

1988:  For rookie officer Herman Faust, a routine, late night traffic stop turns into the apprehension of a high priority defector, one with ties to the Soviet bio-weapons program Obolensk. After bringing the woman and her brother in for questioning, the man disappears, and the woman is found inside her holding cell…dead. The American CIA intervenes, confiscating the woman’s corpse and demanding answers even as more bodies pile up around them. Faust has none to offer, but begins receiving anonymous calls threatening his family, and his own life. As clues come to light linking his superior, Captain Rolf Rheinhardt, to the woman, and to a Soviet plot to launch a biological weapon on the American Embassy, Faust knows he must risk all to stop the deadly pathogen from being released on innocent civilians. The stability of West Berlin is at risk, and if Faust fails to solve the case, it will be war! This is his story. This is the making of Herman Faust.

Review of The Making of Herman Faust by Aurora Dawn

In this prequel to her Berlin Detective Series, Michele Gwynn has spun a heart-pounding tale of Cold War intrigue. When patrolman Herman Faust makes a routine traffic stop near the Berlin Wall late one night, he has no idea the terror or the heartbreak the next few days will hold.

Set in 1988, at the height of the tensions between East and West Berlin, the story follows Faust through an investigation which takes place long before he assumed the Direktor's post in which fans of the series have come to know and love him. With the assistance of his police academy buddy Joseph Heinz and his retired military uncle-in-law, he follows the threads of a plot that will reveal murders, Soviet scientists, American diplomats and CIA agents, traitors to the state and a weapon that threatens the entire free world, all the while dealing with a personal tragedy that will change his life forever.

The story is well written, artfully recalling a darker age of Russian agents and secret plots that, until recently, we thought was gone forever with the fall of the Berlin Wall. I loved the suspense, the intrigue and the way Gwynn builds the relationships between Faust, his wife and the stalwart Joseph Heinz and I heartily recommend it to any fan of police stories and Cold War spy novels.

The books in this series are intended for a mature audience. Contains adult language, content, and situations including M/F, F/F, and violence.


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