Missing Persons Cases Number into Thousands in Texas Town

Article by Ted Quinn
Metrocom Tribune 

The city of Marion, Texas, located four miles northeast of Randolph Air Force Base, has a secret. Missing Persons cases that date back fifty years and number into the thousands! These cases remain unsolved to this day, and the number continue to rise with the recent case of Justice Edwards, age 55, who went missing November 3rd. When questioned about the obscenely high number of missing persons, and whether the city even cared anymore to solve them, Mayor Thaddeus Bryant replied, "These are our people. You know as well as I do that this is an ongoing investigation, and because of that, neither myself nor the the chief of police can reveal any details. As soon as we know something concrete, we'll be happy to give your paper a statement."

Once again, Mayor Bryant has side-stepped the issue, refusing to comment on the recent missing persons cases or even the cold cases that are more than ten, twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty years old, that remain unsolved. Speculation as to any connection these cases have to the explosions reported in the neighboring city of Schertz, explained away by the Army Corps of Engineers as underground gas pockets, remain unanswered, as well as the possibility that the underlying cause may have something to do with Entrophic's newest universal vaccine, Celluloss, widely known to have been developed by military scientists, and tested on the population of Schertz residents. The only information known is that each of the missing were native to Schertz before moving to Marion, from whence they disappeared. This reporter will continue to seek answers.

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