Entire Oklahoma Town Goes Missing, Reports of Strange Lights in the Night Sky

A sighting in the night sky. DepositPhotos.com
 PRESS RELEASE: In a bizarre and frightening turn of events, the residents of Farley, Oklahoma have gone missing overnight. A handful of long-time residents managed to escape the events that seem to have led to the disappearance of thousands in a twenty-four hour period. Dave Forrester, his mother, Lynda Forrester, and Texas native, Maggie Harris, described strange lights in the night sky, unexplained 'alien' abductions, and creatures reeking of sulfur. Officials out of Tulsa have confirmed similar events and missing people, but on a smaller scale relaying that all they have found of the missing so far are bloody clothes left behind where the persons were last seen....

Read This Story! Harvest, The Harvest Trilogy, Book I, a series inspired by a true sighting.

"This book gave me chills..." ~ Sherelle Ellis

"Oh my, I gobbled this up! The story has everything I love: aliens/UFOs, mystery, chills down my spine, and more!" ~ Brian Lane

Human greed and gluttony can exist only so long before consequences catch up to actions. For Dave Forrester, the actions of every human living were about to be addressed in his home town of Farley, Oklahoma. A haunting memory from the past is about to become a nightmare. The people of Farley have disappeared without a trace leaving behind only blood-stained clothing and glimpses of frightening, unearthly creatures. After losing the people he loves, Dave meets Maggie, a woman who has already lost her will to live and is slowly killing herself one drink at a time. Together, they find a reason to keep going even while the world seems to be coming to an end. It's up to Dave to figure out why, and how to save the few that survive....the harvest.

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