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Hello, Berliners!

The Redemption of Joseph Heinz launches Monday, April 3rd! Are you excited? I am!

This crime thriller has been a year in the making with Heinz worrying me to death inside my head. He's begged, cajoled, even mildly bullied me into telling his tale, and helping to find the answers he needs regarding the abduction of Marlessa Schubert. We finally made it, through twists and turns, side plots, tragedies, and always...danger.

I need your help, dear reader, to spread the word as far and as wide as possible. Please take a moment to support my Thunderclap via Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr....or all three if you can! Share this post with your friends, too.

Thanks for your continued support, and I'll see you on the other side of launch day!


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