Redemption is at hand!

Hello, Berliners!

I wanted to drop in and remind you that in just two weeks, our beloved Kommissar will be back!

We, here, are going through the final, fine-tooth combing of The Redemption of Joseph Heinz, and are excited about this action-packed crime thriller. You will be too!

For now, make sure you've One-Clicked on Amazon to Pre-Order you copy, and do me one favor....share this post with your crime novel loving friends! Be sure to encourage them to subscribe to my newsletter as well. I have a special surprise coming for my subscribers--the Prequel to The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series, The Making of Herman Faust. This will ONLY be available to my subscribers. It's an EXCLUSIVE!

So get ready. Bundle up. Where we're going is cold...and dangerous!


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