Strong Female Characters

If you've read any of my books, you know that I write strong female characters. They can take on the world, and have suffered great hardships which shape who they are. This is probably because I, myself, am a strong woman who has gone through much in life that many wouldn't be able to handle or possibly even survive. We are all the results of what we've endured, and for my leading ladies, like carbon under crushing pressure, come out diamonds in the end.

I read this and thought of them all....Sarah Brown, Elsa Kreiss, Birgitta Mahler, Hannah Adams, Maggie Harris, Meghan Hartley, Melissa Ryan, and still in the pressure cooker, Sophie Fairchild. Each of my ladies is remarkable, and all have become endearingly real, and undeniably human in my imagination. This is for all the real women out there. Never forget who you are.

~  Michele E. Gwynn

Credit: Facebook page of Samy Irssak


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