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The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

No Tricks, All Treats October Newsletter Number One

My Favorite Month Has Arrived!

Hello everyone!

First, let me welcome all my new subscribers. I'm so happy to have you here. Hope you enjoy yourselves with all the book deals & giveaways I have coming up this month.

A little update. I had an unfortunate accident this past Saturday night that sent me to the emergency room. This led to in what turns out to be a rather fabulous physical rehab facility that is helping me get my poor knee healed so I can get back up on my feet. What a pain in the knee! Still, I'm well, and no surgery was needed, and that is a blessing.

This month, I have two newsletters coming your way, and one special new release announcement. This is unusual as I generally stick to one newsletter a month except during holidays when I might put together a very special giveaway because who doesn't deserve treats and awesome book-related presents? As always, I will never share out your information. Our communication is between you and me only. Not a secret, just special. (wink, wink)

Check out the AH-Mazing book deals below from Scandalous Spirited Reads (I'm a participating author) and a select few of my fellow authors. It's all about the paranormal this month which means there just HAD to be an upcoming New Release of the ghostly variety too.

And it just wouldn't be a true treat without a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY! See the details below, and good luck to everyone. I hope you FALL into this month with a happy heart. Now let's get started celebrating Halloween!
New Release
by Laxmi Hariharan

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Hearts of Darkness
New Release Box Set
Multiple Authors

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Shifters in the Shadows
New Release Box Set
Multiple Authors
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Included in this fantastic collection of SPIRITED tales is my new short story, Cavanaugh Road. (Stay tuned for the Big Release Announcement)

A life for a life. Someone must pay the toll.

On a stormy afternoon in 1951, tragedy strikes ending the dreams of a teenage girl along a lonely stretch of country road in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The truth hidden, twenty years later, another life meets its fate on Cavanaugh Road.

Jake Williams has little time left to enjoy his freedom. The threat of the draft looms as his eighteenth birthday passes. With his older brother and his best friend already deployed to Vietnam, each day is a gift. He has his job at the diner and his brand new, used Javelin. The only thing missing is a girlfriend.

One night, Jake spies a pretty blonde outside of the diner, but before he can reach her side, she disappears without a trace. Intrigued, he decides to find out who the new girl is, but fate steps in, delivering devastating news to his family, and issuing a summons he can’t ignore. Despairing and desperate, he takes off down Cavanaugh Road where a near-death car wreck changes his life. It’s there, injured and shaken, that Jake comes face to face with his destiny. The beautiful girl, the one who has captured his heart, is suddenly there to save him. She promises to take him home. But things are not what they seem, and long-held secrets begin to unravel right under Jake’s nose...within his own family. As his days grow shorter, the mystery deepens, and the answers lie around the bend, in an old family graveyard on Cavanaugh Road.
October Giveaway #1 is reserved for newsletter subscribers. If you'd like to participate and be eligible for my giveaways, CLICK SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER in the tabs above, and sign up. Then sit back and wait for the goodies to come to you!


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