Writer Wednesday Blog; Sexy Gigolo Shoot: Copy that!

Model: Actor/Performer Nick Hawk/West Coast Leather Fashion, Photography by Radiant Inc.
I'm getting this weeks Writer Wednesday Blog in under the wire. I know, I know. I was distracted by...life. Actually, I spent my day working on a promo and then running to the post office before it was too late to mail out some autographed books to a happy reader. (Thank you, happy reader!)

Before I wrote books full time, I worked briefly as the senior editor to a start-up online fashion magazine, Fashionerotica. It was cutting edge combining all the elements of fashion, photography, and tasteful erotica with...what else, great copy! That was my area, to provide the copy; all the stories behind the various photo shoots as well as articles of interest and celebrity interviews. It was my first foray into the fashion world, and for this Texas gal, it was quite the experience.

Behind the scenes: Nick & Marina
Going into this job, I'd already been conducting multiple interviews with people; authors, activists, models, TV hosts, sports figures and the like. One popular cable TV star graciously granted me an interview which led to the one unusual twist of vocation for me from copywriter to fashion photo shoot manager. That actor was reality star Nick Hawk from Showtime's Gigolos, and the photo shoot took place in Henderson, Nevada at the Sky Combat Ace Hangar. There was quite a bit of coordination to putting this all together and I admit I felt like a fish out of water. Thankfully, because all the people involved were amazing, professional, and talented, the photo shoot turned out to be magnificent. I was sweating bullets throughout the entire time (because I was not present on site, but rather, sitting at home checking my text messages from the fashion designer, Skip Pas of West Coast Leather, who was my eyes and ears. God, I love Skip. He's awesome

Around 1:00 a.m., my phone rang. It was Nick. He called to let me know that the shoot was "the Bomb!". I could breathe again. My first time out of the gate arranging such a thing (I did have a safety net in the form of T-Boss Pierson, the magazine's co-owner and the manager in charge of all photo shoots), but like a good teacher, he stood back and let me pedal until I had the bike under control. I think he was just admiring my butt, but that's another story! I learned a great deal from my tenure with Fashionerotica. I'm forever grateful to T and Mar-C, Nick, Skip, and every single photographer, model, fashion designer, and business owner who worked with me.

The shoot turned out perfectly. Nick Hawk modeled West Coast Leather with models Nikki O., Marina, and Kina T. Photography by Radiant Inc. (Las Vegas, check them out!), and the location generously offered by the incredible people at Sky Combat Ace in Henderson. Sadly, the magazine didn't quite make it. After a time, that run came to an end, but it's my hope that it tries again because there was no other magazine out there like it. It was beautiful.

Now, of course, it's full steam ahead with fictional steam of the criminal, mystical, and paranormal variety along with a little horror/sci-fi on the side. Stay tuned for book three in The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series set in Berlin, Germany, The Redemption of Joseph Heinz. (There's a character in the series inspired by Nick. He's introduced in book two, The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss. If you can figure out which one, drop the character's name below in comments.)


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