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As a freelance journalist, I took on all kinds of newspaper and community magazine assignments. Sometimes, they were pretty normal; 5K runs, new business openings, city meetings, etc., but sometimes, they were AWESOME! I met former Spurs Center and all-around cool guy, David Robinson, better known as....The Admiral. Mr. Robinson is very actively involved in education for kids with the initial opening of The Carver Academy which later merged with IDEAL Charter Schools to better serve the growing number of children applying each year to attend. He is a joyous personality - very kind, incredibly intelligent, and just fun to talk with. When I look back at some of the things I've done, I kind of can't believe it. I am the person who keeps mostly to myself, hanging out with family and my cats while cooking up a juicy plot for my next book. No glamour going on here, just a lot of writing. But each small accomplishment sitting in a row, side by side, shows my journey. 
You know, when my stepdad was alive, he was not the kind of man to express his feelings. Usually the opposite, actually, but when I began writing for newspapers and magazines, he quietly collected those articles, and would show his friends. I know both my father (had he lived long enough to see it happen), and my stepdad would be proud of my work. My stepdad did get to see my first two books before cancer took him so that's something. Mom's still here, and she has been with me a time or two when I've interviewed people. Something to chuckle over...she was in my house one afternoon when Nick Hawk from Showtime's Gigolos called me to follow up on a project we were working on for a fashion magazine (more on that one next week). She sat quietly while he told me he was launching his own sex toy line......my seventy-something year-old mom, yep! High five for stifling that giggle mom. But back to the amazing Mr. Robinson. Shout out to Spurs fans everywhere! (Page 46, by the way)
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