The Other Side of the Veil and my Ghost Hunting Tales

Not a lot of people know this, but I'm a bit of an amateur ghost hunter. I am very interested in 'things that go bump in the night.' Not sure where it all began, but I find the notion of discovering what's on the other side of the veil fascinating. For me, it boils down to science....that we do not yet understand. What we do know is this, energy never dies, it merely changes form.

We are energy. That much has been proven. There are literally millions upon millions of electrical currents running through our bodies at all times. Synapses are firing, messages are being carried telling our muscles to move, our hearts to pump, our ears to hear, eyes to see, and brains to translate the massive load of information being brought to us every millisecond. We are walking miracles of science....that we as of yet do not fully understand.

We are more than just organic machines, however. Something beyond our physical bodies sparks us to life. We commonly refer to this spark as the soul. This is the source of our consciousness, our Chi or energy. This energy brings the body to life. It's what animates us, and when it's time for that energy to leave because the body is broken or in the process of breaking down beyond repair, that energy is freed. So where, exactly, does it go, and what form does it take? That's where a writer's imagination kicks in, and in my case, leads to some fun 'research' in the form of a little ghost hunting.

I've caught quite a few orbs when out shooting pics in graveyards in the middle of the night. The following pictures were taken not too far from my home. It's important to note that on the two separate nights out, there was no measurable moisture in the air. Both were cool, dry nights. Therefore, I can't dismiss the various orbs caught on camera as simply moisture, especially in view of the different shapes and colors, and the definitions of the outer edges.

Also included is a little audio I caught while standing in front of this grave of a little girl in an old German cemetery. I didn't hear the two different voices while standing there, but I sure did when I later played the audio back. Mine was the only living voice (and the loudest) Note to self: never EVER check EVPs at 3 a.m...alone!  You will have to turn up the sound on your device to hear the two voices. One responds back to me with "Hello", and the other is speaking over me saying something that sounds like "overlooking me" or "looks right through me." It goes fast. Only 11 seconds, but you'll hear them.

The image with a mother-load of orbs was interesting. I had clicked a picture right before that one and there was nothing. Then, I invited whoever was there to come stand before me for a picture. I did this to kind of freak out my friend, Kip, who is a complete non-believer of ghosts. He was not happy with the result....nor was he happy when I showed him the other pic below of a very large glowing orb following him at the edge of the cemetery.

 I can see that it's now that time of year when I need to go visit a new haunt, catch a few more ghosts for posterity. Who's with me?


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