Strange, flickering lights

Hello all,

I just had to share something freaky and weird. First, a little back info - in 1995, I witnessed two large UFOs (definitely unidentified) over a field not far from my home. I was not alone. Had the mom with me. This was by far a defining experience in my life, one that led me to writing my first book, Harvest (now book one in the Harvest Trilogy). The entire account can be read in the book's preview on Amazon. Anyhow, it was just an empty field then, but now, there's a Valero gas station there (new), and behind that, a subdivision has popped up. Here's the weird part...ever since it opened about 8 months ago, there's been some weirdness going on with the parking lot lights. First, the main light pole to the right of the store (if you are facing it), began blinking on and off like someone was standing there flipping a switch on, off, on, off....not like a dying bulb kind of flicker, but like a signal light. It wouldn't stop. I figured they'd fix it. A couple of months went by, and I noticed it was still happening

The other night, I stopped for gas, and not only was that light STILL going on, off, on, off...but also one of the recessed lights in the awning over the gas sync with the light pole. I thought 'What the heck?" Can't these people fix their lights? Well, tonight, on my way home from a late-night El Pollo Tropical run, I was driving past and noticed one of the large light poles on the other side of the store (it sits on a corner) was blinking on, off, on, off.....exactly like the other two. Now, I am not one to be easily alarmed in any way, but knowing what I saw on that corner, having had a witness with me, and reporting it to MUFON, I find myself wondering just what the heck is happening with that corner...and if maybe, just maybe, the lights have been tampered with somehow, and that they are, indeed, sending a signal. But to whom?....

You know, I only live a short distance down the street and around the corner from this gas station. My sighting was 21 years ago. In that time, there have been other sightings over Schertz and the surrounding areas. Those sightings have increased of late. What with the sightings and the gas station lights, it's starting to mirror the happenings in the second book of the trilogy, Celluloss. I find it all very strange....

Harvest, Celluloss, Census - The Harvest Trilogy 


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