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October is just around the corner. I know! It's almost FALL! Oh my gosh, I love Fall!!! And there's a little added excitement on the cool, crisp fall air this year because a limited edition, sexy, amazing, and darkly paranormal collection of after-dark romantic tales is on its way.

Once Upon a Midnight is a box set of full novels from 20 (count 'em), 20 New York Times, USA Today & Amazon Bestselling Authors. It's set to launch October 11th and will run through October 31st. After that, it's gone forever, except for the few lucky ducks who download it. You will own something no one else has, and all for ONLY $0.99. Even better, you can PRE-ORDER your copy now, and it will *magically* show up on your device on the 11th. Want to know what's even more amazing than that? EVERY SINGLE SALE IS BEING DONATED TO THE EPILEPSY FOUNDATION! That's right. You not only get 20 (count 'em), 20 full paranormal romance novels, but you will also be helping fight epilepsy, a neurological condition that afflicts 1 in 26 people.

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Did I mention my bestie, NYT Bestselling Author, Jami Brumfield, is also in this set with her NEW contribution, Bear-i-licious Cowboy? I just know the title has intrigued you. This set is a can't miss opportunity for readers who LOVE paranormal romance. We're setting the bar, baby!

So flex that mouse-clicking finger, PRE-ORDER your copy today, and then just kick back, wait, and pat yourself on the back. Good job! Thumbs up. You rock!

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Now, enjoy this sneak peek into Darkest Communion, my contribution to the set....

Darkest Communion
By Michele E. Gwynn

Sneak Peek
Chapter Two

Dreams of a wild and foreign nature plagued Meghan’s rest. She tossed and turned in the twin bed of her dorm room. She was standing in the middle of a vast courtyard in the dead of night. A tall man stood in front of her. She could feel the menace of his intent. She searched for his face, but it remained in shadows. He lifted his arm reaching out his hand to grab her. The grip was painful. Fingers slid around her neck, choking, and then he lifted her up over his shoulder carrying her off. She felt terror and tried to fight back, but her body would not respond. In her mind, she kept thinking ‘He must come! Surely he would find her. Please God!’
A black mist shifted the dynamics of the dream and she was alone in a glade, one she knew as she’d somehow determined she’d grown up not far from it. It was evening, the sun barely peeking over the horizon, and about to disappear altogether. The last rays of warmth ebbed away and a chill tip-toed up and over her skin. Meghan realized she was naked. Looking down, she wondered where her clothes had gone, and why she was alone.
A twig cracked behind her. Whirling around, she searched the brush for the intruder. He stepped out, tall, dark, handsome, and dangerous. A smile spread across her lips. “It’s you!” she said. “Where have you been? You’ve been gone so long that I thought you were dead!”
He said nothing, only walked steadily toward her with a gleam in his eyes. They glowed a strange amber in a face mostly hidden in shadow, and seemed to burn her to her soul. His tread was as quiet as a panther stalking its prey. A shiver of a different kind stole over her skin. He looked...hungry.
When at last he stopped before her, Meghan threw her arms around his neck. He stopped her midway, grasping her wrists and lifting them above her head. He glanced down at her upturned breasts now thrusting up and toward him, hard from excitement and the chill of the night air, and spun her around facing away from his gaze. He kept his hands locked on her wrists, crossing her arms over her ribcage and yanking her back against the solid wall of muscle of his chest and abdomen. She moaned.
With slow deliberation, He leaned down, nuzzling her neck through the thick strands of her hair. “Please!” she said. And he obliged. He placed both her wrists in one of his large hands so he could lift her hair away from the warm fragrance of her neck. Barely whispering his lips across her sensitive skin from the soft lobe of her ear down to the spot where her shoulder begins, he teased her. Her excitement increased the heat rising off of her body. Her salty-sweet aroma ignited the beast within him. Flicking his tongue out, he tasted her.
The look of ecstasy on his face went unnoticed by Meghan who was tightly held to this magnificent man. Something hard and insistent rubbed against her backside and she pressed further back, her body seeking closer communion.
He could no longer resist her sweet temptation. Wrapping both his arms around her soft frame, he leaned in, an unholy light peeking through his slitted lids. She felt this was the moment. He’ll take me now. Yes! He’ll take me now. Her body both clenched and expanded in womanly anticipation. A low, animalistic growl escaped his lips. He was holding her too tight! “Marku, I can’t breathe” she said, suddenly frantic.
He squeezed tighter. She began to struggle, to try and break his hold. Her panicked movement only excited him further. “You are mine” he said, laughing low. She turned her head enough to catch the bone white gleam of a sharp fang seconds before it plunged into her neck!
Meghan awoke on a half-choked scream!
She sat up slowly, her hands around her neck. Her heart pounded as she searched the dim room. Nothing greeted her. The moonlight shown in through a crack in the curtain over her window. A breeze rippled the fabric. Meghan started.
She didn’t remember leaving that window open. Slowly she rose and walked on tip toes to the billowing curtains. Carefully, she lifted the edge of the material. The window was cracked open slightly as if the old-fashioned latch had come loose. She refastened it, tested it for security, then backed away to her bed. She sat there momentarily trying to recall the dream. It faded quickly away on soft gray wisps. After a few moments, she couldn’t recall it at all.
She lay back down, pulling her comforter over her. In minutes, she was asleep. Meghan turned her head dreamily into the pillow, unconsciously exposing two tiny pinpricks in her neck. As she slept on, they disappeared leaving only a vague, pinkish pucker...

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