An Update from the Author

August begins...tomorrow! How did it get here so fast? It has been a long, hot summer of projects with deadlines. I'm still working on the third novel in The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series, The Redemption of Joseph Heinz. Work has been slow as it has been interrupted by the previously mentioned projects such as the upcoming launch of two new box sets from my gals, the Crazy Lady Authors (Romantically Incorrect and Erotically Incorrect - romances and erotic romances for every woman. We like to call them Relatable Romances for all the non-leading lady Leading Ladies! Yep, soccer moms, divorcees, older women, curvier women, business women, and pretty much women of every stripe having dramatic, hilarious, and downright awkward moments. You know, how stuff REALLY is!) Links Coming SOON!

There is is also a wonderful box set now on pre-order, Once Upon a Midnight, set to launch in October. This set includes 20 novels (yes, NOVELS) filled with alpha males imbued with the powers of Greek Gods, shift-appeal, great taste (the biters), and even the howlers! It's paranormal romance like you've never read before from twenty New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling authors, and ALL sales are being donated to the Epilepsy Foundation. So, not only do you get 20 paranormal romance novels for only $0.99 *Available ONLY in October*, but your purchase goes to help those who suffer with epilepsy every day. We're very proud of this one. Download HERE.

As if that were not enough, I've decided that the Checkpoint series needs to tell the back story of the LKA's resident Direcktor, Herman Faust. It will be a novella available only in digital format, but let's face it, we LOVE Faust! He's tough, quirky, funny, and he gets the job done. As one of Kommissar Joseph's Heinz's oldest friends, and now Elsa Kreiss's second mentor, he deserves to have his story told.

Oh, and my alter ego, the formidable and flirtatious Xaviera Snow is working on a new naughty novella, Queen's Island. No teasers yet...some things need to be kept under cover until their big reveal.

Finally, if all goes well, the full novel of Murder in the Vale: The Mystery at Llandaff Cathedral will cue up to get completed. Previously, only the short had been released out with my old publisher, but once changes were made, and I went Indie once again, I unpublished it with the intent to write the entire novel. I can't wait to get to it because it's simmering away inside my head just dying to see the light the of day.

And there you have it. All this is going on daily in between family, friends, and that stuff we call Hope everyone is staying cool. I'm ready for fall! Someone send some chilly wind and rain down to south Texas for me, please. Thank you!


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