Three Alien Tales for Under a Buck


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A Horror/Sci-Fi trilogy inspired by a true event. MUFON Report #20633 relayed on November 21, 2009. This sighting was reported 14 years after the fact (sighting occurred on January 6, 1995 in Schertz, Texas). Why did it take so long? As author Michele E. Gwynn states, she was scared sh**less for all those years. Still, she was inspired to push past the experience and allow it to fuel her writer's imagination for this chilling series, the last two tales of which take place in and near her hometown of Schertz. What better location to stage an alien invasion...

Harvest - A small town in Oklahoma is invaded overnight by beings not of this world, and they have a message for us all - CHANGE! And they mean it! Nearly every resident disappears leaving behind a bloody stain, a horrific shadow of their humanity. Feeling like the lone survivor to the apocalypse, Dave Forrester must solve the mystery, and fight to save the ones he loves.

Celluloss - A more than fifty year old government secret is out, and it's angry! A military experiment gone wrong and covered up comes back to exact its revenge on the sleepy suburb of Schertz, Texas, a small city voted by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 40 places to retire. Meanwhile, a city-wide Wellness Program that keeps its citizens healthy might not be exactly what it seems. Everyone who takes the annual free vaccination is unnaturally robust, never getting sick, but the serum is changing them...

Census - The story reaches its epic finale in the next town over. Marion, Texas, population 3,700, is so small, if you blink driving through, you'll miss it. One area business owner is awarded 'Tastiest Meats in Town' by the Chamber of Commerce. John Hester's family-owned meat market is a staple in the region. Respected by the locals, he is above reproach. When he befriends new resident, retired 9/11 firefighter, Jack Callaghan, things get weird. Stranger still are the disappearing residents, unsolved cold cases Callaghan discovers as he and his wife try to settle in. When they begin receiving veiled threats from the Reverend Harcourt Cane warning them to leave, Jack must find a way to protect himself and his wife, and help the FBI solve the mystery of the fifty-years of federal Census that never budges..despite all the missing

Harvest: Short Story
Celluloss: Short Story
Census: Novella


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