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 So Much NEW Stuff!

It's been a couple of months, I know! I skipped April because there was so much going on. The entire Harvest Trilogy has been published on audio as well as book one in the Angelic Hosts Series, Camael's Gift. Book two, Camael's Battle, will be completed this week! My talented narrator, Paul Stefano is applying his soothing voice to the series (he sounds like John Krasinski!). In the coming months, I plan to tackle narrating one myself beginning with Waiting a Lifetime. In between all the mayhem, family stuff, and enjoying this rainy spring, I've been working on finishing a new Xaviera Snow erotic rom-com, Hiring John, which will be in a box set coming from the Crazy Lady Authors (one of two box sets, actually) due July 4th; Erotically Incorrect and its sweeter sister, Romantically Incorrect.

In the meantime, my paranormal romance, Darkest Communion, has been included in a 9 novel box set from Love, Lust, and Lipstick Stains titled NEED ME. It's available on Amazon and includes awesome bestselling authors like Samantha Holt (Holy cow! I'm in a box set with Samantha Holt!).

The third novel in my Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series hit a few delays, but it is back on track and looking at a summer release as well so keep your eyes peeled on your email for the announcement of when The Redemption of Joseph Heinz launches.

FAN-HANDLING! That's like panhandling, but I'm *fan*handling here. Read Freely is looking for their TOP 50 BEST BOOKS for 2016. If you've read any of my library, and loved one in particular, consider nominating it. Click HERE to nominate a book.
NEW RELEASE:  Do you LOVE sci-fi? I have a new science fiction short story available directly from my webpage through Ganxy. It's a quick lunchtime read that tackles big issues with just a touch of romance. Synthesis is available in PDF, Mobi, and ePub. Click HERE - https://ganxy.com/i/112792 to purchase your copy.

Looking for GREAT Reads for this Summer? Check out the Crazy Lady Authors $0.99 Book Deals! Soooooo many to choose from. Heck, you can grab them all for the price of a Starbuck's Special Coffee and a slice of their Banana Bread. (Pretty close, you've gotta admit!) CLICK HERE FOR AWESOME 99 CENT BOOK DEAL FROM THE CRAZY LADY AUTHORS!

And the Crazy Ladies have MORE to offer! Come and RSVP for the Crazy Lady Authors' Twitter Bash scheduled for May 26th online on Twitter from 7 to 10 pm eastern. There will be a ton of prizes to be given away and you'll get to meet some of the Crazy Lady Authors. Be sure to RSVP on Facebook here.

My bestie and fellow authoress extraordinaire, Jami Brumfield, has a fantastic deal going on with her PBI Case Files Bundle. You can get ALL FOUR FIRST BOOKS IN THE SERIES FOR....WAIT FOR IT....$0.99!!! I LOVE this series. It's fantastic. Check it out and fall in love with Devon and Fang, Sarah and her sister, Frankie. This series has it all....vampires, werewolves, shifters, Greek Gods, mythical creatures, all living right under the noses of everyday Humans, and solving federal-level Paranormal Bureau of Investigations' crimes. 
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