Nein bedeutet Nein!

Rape is the most heinous of acts as it stems from violence and forces the victim into a situation beyond their control. It's disgusting. There's literally no words to express how barbaric it is, and only those who've had such an unfortunate experience could possibly understand. However, this is 2016, and it seems the civilized world would have caught on that touching anyone without their consent, understanding that "No means no", would be commonplace, yes? Nein!

In Germany, women are still fighting to get the laws changed to include consent in the language of the legal definition of rape on the books. According to, "Section 177 of the criminal code defines rape as forcing someone to accept or carry out a sexual act using violence, the threat of imminent danger to life and limb, or the exploitation of a situation where the victim is at the perpetrator's mercy. Given the importance placed on violence and the lack of any language about consent in the law, campaigners complain that simply saying “no” to a sex act is not enough to class it as a rape in the eyes of judges." (Read the full article here)

This leaves a wide-open swath of gray area where it could be construed that unless there is a fight, a woman is available sexually. So let's make this clear, Bundestag, "Nein bedeutet Nein!" (No means no!)

A woman can simply say no (whether verbally or by a negative shake of the head), and any violation that occurs after she says no, is rape.

This type of situation leads to women being treated as second-class citizens, as having no say over their own autonomy. It's a running theme in my Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series. Women are abducted, abused, and if lucky enough to escape death, live out their lives damaged. This is why I have such strong female leads like Elsa Kreiss (a Schutzpolizei, and previously, Berlin's Premiere Dominatrix), and Detective Birgitta Mahler. Both women endure so much, but it only makes them stronger, much like the activist women in Germany fighting for their equal and protective rights. I stand with them. Nein bedeutet Nein!



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