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I have been absent a bit, but for a good reason. I'm working on completing The Redemption of Joseph Heinz, and in between all that, I published out my premiere psychological thriller, Split, through Paper Gold Publishing's box set, The Edge of Madness.

After that, I've been writing an erotic comedy titled Hiring John which will debut in June in a Crazy Lady Author box set, Erotically Incorrect (alongside a sweeter box set titled Romantically Incorrect), and also working on a fan fiction short for the hugely popular Barry Eisler assassin series, John Rain, titled A Cell in San Antonio. This is why I need a tan! Or, I need to move me and my laptop outdoors, poolside. Can someone bring me Fruity Parrot? (Coconut rum, pineapple juice, a little cherry liquor)

Once these three are complete, I will begin working on the full-length novel for my new series, The Ghosts of Cardiff, Murder in the Vale, The Beginning. Originally, a short was released with my previous publisher, but I unpublished it after we parted ways knowing I was going back to write the full story. Who doesn't love a hot priest with a crisis of faith working with a non-believing, single female detective to solve crimes with a supernatural bend? Get ready for Father Cai Sayer and Detective Sheila Leeds...

Oh, yeah, and there will be a new ghost story for a Halloween box set with Paper Gold Publishing. No title yet, but it is set in New Orleans. This is how we writers keep busy....

I'm excited to share that my Darkest Communion will be included in a set through the fabulous ladies over at Love, Lust, and Lipstick Stains - a collection of contemporary romances. What an honor to be included with so many wonderful authors. I'll announce it and share the links as soon as it's published out in May.

Did you know you can follow me on Instagram at AuthorMicheleEGwynn?

Finally, now through April 13th, you can download Waiting a Lifetime on Amazon for only $0.99. (KindleCountdown). You can also grab Darkest Communion on Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Kobo for $0.99, and Camael's Gift (Book one in the Angelic Hosts Series) is FREE on all retailers! Yes, FREE!

Now available on audio: Don't care to read, but love to listen? Get the entire Harvest Trilogy, Harvest, Celluloss, and Census on audiobook through Amazon/Audible and iTunes. Book one narrated by Ron Phillips, and books two and three narrated by Lawrence D. Yaklin.

You can also get Camael's Gift on audio through Amazon/Audible and iTunes. Book two in the series, Camael's Battle, is in production with the talented Paul Stefano. 


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