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     Writing is a labor of love, one in which the writer is doing something he or she is either deeply passionate about or weirdly driven to do. I like to call my own wordy creations 'weirdly passionate' because I have so many stories running around inside my head that I simply can't stick to only one genre. I love criminal mysteries. I love speculative science fiction. I love love so I can't rule out romance, and hey, sex isn't so bad either so romances bordering on, and diving into, the erotic zone are not out of the question either. I enjoy theological discussions, therefore I write about angels. I enjoy ghost stories so I write about those too....

Whatever the subject, I write. And I'm even happier knowing YOU enjoy what I write. Each time someone downloads one of my books, whether by purchase or through Amazon's KDP library, I'm thrilled. I'm downright giddy when you leave me reviews. I'm talking fangirl, squealing, jumping up and down like Tom Ellis just walked into the room kind of giddy. (He's my latest crush...check him out Monday nights on NBC's Lucifer. --> You see why! Gorgeous!)

So if you'd like to hear me alert dogs three counties over with my high-pitched happy squeal, drop a review onto any of the above titles you've read. As an Indie author, reviews mean everything to me. They mean you took the time to read something I created, wrote, edited, rewrote, cried over, laughed at, held close to my chest afraid to let it go out into the world, and then, finally hit publish, thus giving it virtual wings. Every single time I've felt as if I were standing in front of the class naked. That's how personal writing is to a writer.

Let me know which characters you loved, which ones you loved to hate, which scene made you laugh, cry, squirm uncomfortably in your seat, hide under your covers, or maybe even spiced up your love life. (Don't forget you're obligated to name any babies made from reading one of my hotter titles after me...hehe).

Finally, I hope this little note finds you well, happy, and prosperous. Have a fantastic day knowing that I truly appreciate you all...


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