Fun times and Author shenanigans in the Alamo City

Yesterday, I finally got to meet one of my best friends, and fellow author, Jami Brumfield, in person. You see, we both began writing for Examiner about 6 or more years ago, and through that medium, began what has since grown into what can only be described as a familial friendship, a sisterhood. Jami and I talk all the time. We collaborate on projects, and now, we've met each other, and each other's families. Love her hubby, Gary, and sister, Robin! They met my mom, and together with six other Crazy Lady Authors, (Aubree Lane, Diane Rinella, Samantha Jacobey, Jennifer Theriot, Kelly Cozzone, and Teri Riggs), we had ourselves a blast at the 2nd annual Deep in the Heart Author Event in San Antonio.

Michele E. Gwynn & Jami Brumfield

We met some wonderful fans, and acted like teenagers on Spring Break, but that's okay. It was fun. Next stop, Hilton Head, SC in June. That's going to be some serious R&R, and will officially be the largest gathering of Crazy Ladies in one city. We'll be on the beach. You won't be able to miss us. We'll be the ones with fruity adult beverages, a good book in hand, and surrounded by Cabana boys that look like cover models...probably because we'll be holding cover model tryouts. That's how we roll.

L to R:  Samantha Jacobey, Diane Rinella, cover model Devon Ryan, (photo bomb by the husband of author Anne Conley), Kelly Cozzone, Aubree Lane, Teri Riggs, and Jami Brumfield
Diane Rinella and Kelly Cozzone in San Antonio, Texas trying to outdo Ozzy Osbourne antics at the Alamo
Crazy Ladies in the Alamo City: Out front, Diane Rinella, L to R: Beth (PA and friend to Teri Riggs), Teri Riggs, Jennifer Theriot, K. Cozzone (sister of Kelly), and Kelly Cozzone.


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