Indie Author Struggles

Finding the elusive formula for success as an Indie author continues to be the struggle for myself and many traditionally published, as well as self-published authors. It's something we must all work on every single day.

Of course, it begins with a quality story! But what happens after the last two words are typed? What happens after The End? Well, that's  only the beginning.

Authors must then decide whether or not to submit their manuscript to a traditional publisher or go it alone, and if they go it alone, what venue will be the best one? Amazon, the monster retailer who has a stranglehold on the Indie author industry, or Draft2Digital, or maybe Smashwords? Blurb? Bookbaby? It takes a great deal of research to decide on the best course of action, but BookLife cites that hybrid authors do best.

"Fluidity between traditional and self-publishing continued last year as a growing number of hybrid authors explored their options in both areas. A steady stream of authors took publishing deals only to return to self-publishing, while traditional authors, such as bestselling comic book author Warren Ellis (Cunning Plans: Talks by Warren Ellis), continued to explore self-publishing as a supplement to their other work. This makes sense financially: a survey by Digital Book World found that hybrid authors earn the most money, with a median income between $7,500 and $9,999 a year, followed by traditionally published authors ($3,000–$4,999), and indie authors ($500–$999). The assumption that authors only use self-publishing until they can secure a traditional deal bears out less and less." READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE.

I've personally tried both self-publishing and small press publishing. So far, I'm for being self-published, but that was only after going through the experience of being under the umbrella of a publisher, and learning what it takes just to get myself out there. I'm still working it, every day, and with your help, gaining good exposure. (P.S. You're AWESOME, and I truly appreciate you, my readers).

My advice, try both venues, listen to your critics, then use what makes you a stronger writer and discard the rest while moving steadily forward. Above all, keep writing!


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