Remembering those we've lost

The holidays are all about family. Usually, everyone hangs out either in the kitchen eating, or in front of the television watching sports. Sometimes, just talking around a firepit outside in the chilly winter air makes for a perfect gathering for friends and loved ones, but there are those we must not forget. Today, I drove my mom (pictured below) out to Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery to bring Christmas flowers to the graves of my grandmother and my stepdad. Buried not far from both are my mom's good friend, Ruby, and my stepdad's friend, Bill, who all passed away within the last two years.

Everyone has their own belief system. Some like to visit the place of burial (like mom), and others believe that you can honor the departed anywhere you happen to be by lighting a candle, performing an act of charity (related to something that deceased loved one cared about), or simply having a private conversation out loud in the hope that they can still hear us. Whatever it is you believe, just take a moment to remember those you've lost whether family, or a friend, and even those who've died protecting and defending the rights and lives of others. One day, we, too, will be gone, and it would be nice to know someone loves us enough, misses us enough, to spare a thought in memorium.


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