Outre 1.0 Premieres to Lovers of Art and Literature!

I'm fortunate to know many amazing and talented people...like Dutch photographer and artist (and Jack of all creative trades), Marc Susan. His book, Outre, is now available, and let me tell you, it's over 400 pages of incredible art, poetry, and short stories from talented artists and writers from around the world, both undiscovered and renowned! Marc asked me to write the back matter and blurb for this work of art so I got to see it all before you (rubbing that in a little) so I could write my impression of it all. It was fantastic. And now, art and literature lovers everywhere can order their own copy. Please check it out. You will be drenched in such beauty, and will experience culture like never before. Some stories written in French, English, Dutch, and more.

I find even the contrast of a black and white cover to the amazingly colorful images inside enticing!


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