A Month of Spooky Goodness and New Releases!

October is my favorite month. I kid you not! Tonight, I'll be painting kooky, spooky faces on tiny little pumpkins to place around my house. I've already set the DVR to record the BBC America live stage production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show next Saturday. I'm going ghost hunting, too. It's awesome!

You know what else is awesome? My two new releases this month; Census, the third book in the Harvest Trilogy that goes off the beaten path and begs the question, what happens when you pair blend alien DNA with a cannibalistic serial killer? You get a juicy recipe for terror! Census is now available exclusively on Amazon.com in both ebook and paperback.

For fans of UFO/Alien contemporary horror, you can now Pre-Order The Harvest Trilogy Anthology which will publish on October 23rd. Ebook only, fans can now get all THREE stories in one set for a great price! Check out this series inspired by a true event. 


And coming Halloween, Darkest Communion. This is my first paranormal vampire novella, and it is not your typical vamp romance. Marku Anghelescu, known in the modern day and age as Mark Angel, has lived 800 lonely years wondering exactly what happened to the woman he loved. Mihaela disappeared on the night they were to run away together and be married, defying his father's will and walking away from the arranged marriage between himself and the daughter of his father, Dragos', dearest friend. Marku knew of only one person who would stand in the way of his happiness -- Petre Petrescu, a filthy gypsy peasant in his eyes, and the ex-fiance of Mihaela. She fears him, and with good reason. Petrescu is petty, domineering, and cruel. But as the son of a noble landowner, and the landholder of the very place the Curarya gypsies called home most of the year, Marku was the law. He made the rules. He decided their fates, and he chose Mihaela as his own just a surely as she chose him. Denied his prize, Petrescu seeks out help from the village shaman, an old gypsy woman with undeniable power. Everything changes that night. Mihaela disappears, as does Petrescu as tragedy strikes Marku. He awakens confused, broken-hearted, and an filled with an insatiable thirst!

After spending eternity trying to solve the mystery, and resigning himself to never holding her in his arms again, Mihaela reappears in his life.

Meghan Hartley arrives in Bucharest, Romania, excited to begin her year as a college exchange student. When a creepy sociology professor begins pursuing her, she seeks the help of her new friend, Dana Veleru, a mathematics instructor, and to Meghan's delight, an honest to God gypsy! While the new friends bond over good food and better wine, another suitor makes his presence known. Dana grew up on stories about the Strigoi, the dark ones, as told by her gypsy grandmother, but never truly believed them...until that night. As handsome as an angel, the man sets his sights on Meghan, and offers a warning to Dana! His message comes through loud and clear; Do not get in my way...gypsy!

Loyal to a fault, Dana ignores his warning and seeks the help of her family to protect her new friend. As the situation escalates, Mark makes a surprising discovery -- Petrescu is alive, and he wants Meghan!

A suspenseful and thrilling love triangle, Darkest Communion enters the realm of supernatural nightmares where love is twisted, dark, and deep, and the hero bites! (no link yet to share, but coming soon!)

UPDATE:  I have painted the pumpkins....lol  It's not Van Gogh, but they're kinda cute.


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