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The Romance Reviews

UFO report and the Harvest Trilogy
I was searching around my email for something today when I accidentally came across the email I received following my report to MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) back in 2009. The incident actually happened years earlier, but I had a difficult time reconciling what I witnessed without feeling like a crazy person. Still, it's interesting, and I wanted to share it here since the final story in the Harvest Trilogy, inspired by this very sighting, will publish in October. Census will round out a series of sightings in an epic fashion with a chilling twist.

Have a read through, and if you have a sighting of your own, share below in the comments! I'd love to hear to hear your story.


Dear Michele,
Thank you for your sighting report submitted November 21, 2009.
Because of you, we are one step closer to solving the greatest
mystery of all time. Thank you for thinking of MUFON.
PS. Would like to join MUFON? Then click here:
James Carrion
International Director
Mutual UFO Network

Primary Investigator:
Secondary Investigator:

Name: Michele Gwynn
Street Address: XXXXXXXXXXXX
City: Universal City
Zip/Postal Code: 78148
State/Province: Texas
County: Bexar

Phone - Work:
Email - Primary: XXXXXXXXXXX
Email - Secondary:
Anonymous: N

Date: 1995-01-06 12:00:00
Date Precision:
Time of Event (Local Time):
Timezone GMT Offset: -0600
Time Precision:
Timezone Name: America/Chicago
Duration of Event:
(Nearest) City: Schertz
State: Texas
County: Guadalupe
Area/Site: Town
Area/Terrain: Fields
Sky: Clear
Weather Factors: None
Short Description of UFO Event: Two oval, silvery objects, large, and hovering. No lights or identifying marks.
Detailed Description of the UFO Event:
My mother was driving me to pick up my paycheck. We'd just left my apartment on Schertz Parkway in Schertz, Texas and were heading west to I35. I was leaning my head on the passenger window when I noticed the reflection of something in the glass out of the corner of my eye. I turned to look right expecting to see some F-15's flying towards Randolph Air Force Base since it's one town over. Instead, I saw two, huge, hovering silvery things, for lack of a better word. They were oval in shape, grayish-silver, reflective but like a brushed nickel. No identifying marks, windows, or lights were on these craft.

I shouted at my mom to look. She turned and looked and said "What the hell is that?"

I begged her to pull over or turn around. At first, she didn't want to. Then she U-turned and we came back around to the same spot. I looked out the window over the cow fields (there are homes there now) on the corner of Schertz Parkway and Live Oak Road. Their was absolutely no sound coming from these things and they seemed to be hovering very low, not even perceptibly moving. The one on the left suddenly shot straight up and was gone in the blink of an eye. The one on the right, hovered off backwards away from us, slightly behind a treeline, then it too, shot straight up and was gone. It was incredible. I couldn't believe what I'd just seen in broad daylight, at noonish, no less. There were no clouds in the sky that day.

We never reported this to anyone because mom thought people would think we were crazy. I pointed out that we both saw it, not just one of us. The funny thing is, she swears we got out of the car and walked to the fenceline, but I don't remember ever getting out of the car. I would remember something like that since I have a physical handicap that required her help to get out of her low vehicle. That's the only discrepancy in both our stories. I lived far too close to where this occured, nearly across the street! I spent the next year scared every night when I went to bed.

I don't know if the air force base caught anything on radar, but I did notice increased air traffic over Schertz that afternoon. Perhaps they have a file. There were about two to three other vehicles driving by at the time. Maybe someone else reported a sighting, but we were the only ones to pull over and look.

Witness Release Agreement: no
Total Number of Witnesses: 2
Location: Grouped
Agreement: All Witnesses Agree
Witness A - Name: Michele Gwynn
Witness A - Street Address: XXXXXXXXXXX
Witness A - City: Universal City
Witness A - County: Guadalupe
Witness A - State/Province: Texas
Witness A - Zip/Postal Code: 78148
Witness A - Country: UNITED STATES
Witness A - Anonymous: No
Witness A - Birth Date: 1968-XXXXXXX
Witness A - Gender: Female
Witness A - Occupation: Other
Witness A - Educational Level: College - AA
Witness A - Educational Degree: Fine Arts
Witness A - Vision: Excellent
Witness A - Colorblind: No
Witness A - Eyeglasses/Contacts: Yes
Witness A - Hearing: Excellent
Witness A - Uses Hearing Aid: No
Witness A - Health (During Sighting): Excellent
Witness A - Health (After Sighting): Excellent
Witness B - Name: Lynda xxxxx
Witness B - Street Address: XXXXXXXXXXX
Witness B - City: Schertz
Witness B - County: Guadalupe
Witness B - State/Province: Texas
Witness B - Zip/Postal Code: 78154
Witness B - Country: UNITED STATES
Witness B - Anonymous: Yes
Witness B - Birth Date: 1940-xxxxxx
Witness B - Gender: Female
Witness B - Occupation: None
Witness B - Educational Level: High School
Witness B - Educational Degree:
Witness B - Vision: Excellent
Witness B - Colorblind: No
Witness B - Eyeglasses/Contacts: No
Witness B - Hearing: Excellent
Witness B - Uses Hearing Aid: No
Witness B - Health (During Sighting): Excellent
Witness B - Health (After Sighting):
Witness C - Name:
Witness C - Street Address:
Witness C - City:
Witness C - County:
Witness C - State/Province:
Witness C - Zip/Postal Code:
Witness C - Country:
Witness C - Anonymous:
Witness C - Birth Date:
Witness C - Gender:
Witness C - Occupation:
Witness C - Educational Level:
Witness C - Educational Degree:
Witness C - Vision:
Witness C - Colorblind:
Witness C - Eyeglasses/Contacts:
Witness C - Hearing:
Witness C - Uses Hearing Aid:
Witness C - Health (During Sighting):
Witness C - Health (After Sighting):
Witness D - Name:
Witness D - Street Address:
Witness D - City:
Witness D - County:
Witness D - State/Province: Texas
Witness D - Zip/Postal Code:
Witness D - Country:
Witness D - Anonymous:
Witness D - Birth Date:
Witness D - Gender:
Witness D - Occupation:
Witness D - Educational Level:
Witness D - Educational Degree:
Witness D - Vision:
Witness D - Colorblind:
Witness D - Eyeglasses/Contacts:
Witness D - Hearing:
Witness D - Uses Hearing Aid:
Witness D - Health (During Sighting):
Witness D - Health (After Sighting):

Witness(es) - Education, profession, experience summary:
At the time of the sighting, witness A worked as an operator at Builder's Square, and witness B was a housewife. Since then, witness A has obtained an AA in Broadcast Technology, and has evolved from medical administration to columnist and freelance photo-journalist. Witness B is still a housewife.

Observed: Object(s)
Number Observed: 2
Viewed From: Outdoors,Car
Viewed Through: Glasses
Elevation - Degrees above horizon when nearest to witness: 90 Various
Lowest Altitude: Over 500 ft (no cloudcover)
Distance From Witness: 501 ft - 1 Mile
Flight: Hovering then path
Direction First Observed: N
Direction Last Observed: NE
Shape: Oval,Sphere
Surface: Reflective
Structural Features: None
Apparent Size: Larger
Actual Size: Unknown
Prominent Colors: Grey/Lead: Surface

Exterior Light Characteristics: None
Emission: None
Sound: None
Also in Area: Airplane after
Did the Object(s) or Light(s): Turn Abruptly,Reflect Light,Hover,Ascend,Appear Solid

Device Affected: Unknown
Type of Effect - Signal: None
Type of Effect - Lights: None
Type of Effect - Engine: None
Type of Effect - Auto: None
Type of Effect - Instrument: None
Type of Effect - Surroundings: None

Species: Unknown
Reaction Type:

Psychological: None: During Event
Elation/Love: During Event
Insomnia: After Event
Phobia: After Event

Physiological: None: During Event


Site / Material:
Soil/Vegetation Samples:

Apparel - Color:
Apparel - Features:

Photographic: None
Audio: None
Radar Track: Unknown


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