Some Author Bloginess and Going International!

Hello everyone!

I wanted to drop in and say thank you to everyone supporting me through readership. I'd like to give a shout out to all my new readers from France, Germany, Ukraine, Sweden, UK, UAE, Singapore, Netherlands, and Canada! Wow! I'm so honored and grateful to have you all reading the stories I spin. (Yes, that's me 'dropping in'. Psst! I see you!)

I have some great sales going on this month, so feel free to head over to my Amazon page and check them out.

I have several new releases coming up before the end of the year. November 1st is the release date for book three in my Angelic Hosts Series, Sophie's Wish. This third book continues the saga of the archangel Camael - five years later. It centers around Sophie, his child by a human woman, Hannah Adams.

October 1st is now the set release date for Census, the last book in the Harvest Trilogy...and epic, twisted, and suspenseful finale to a series inspired by a true UFO sighting event described in book one, Harvest. Yes, it happened to me, and yes, it is listed in the records of MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network). I'm especially proud of how sick and twisted this one has turned out. Can I say that? That I'm proud my horror/sci-fi is sick and twisted? Yep, I can! And you will, too! Mark your calendars!

And finally, the third book in my Kriminal Erotic Series, The Redemption of Joseph Heinz will be out (either the end of November or first part of December). I don't have the exact date yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do!

So hop over and check out all three series and also my stand-alone which is currently up for The Romance Reviews Readers Choice Awards 2016 for Inspirational Romance, Waiting a Lifetime.

Feel free to share my Amazon page, my blog, and all my craziness out with friends. You can also start discussions below in the comments about your favorite book/character. That would be cool! 


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