A little Alaskan Road Talk from Cherime MacFarlane

From the author who writes the best alternative to the Outlander series, The MacGrough Clan, comes an epic adventure in the Alaskan wilderness. Road Talk is a short story addition to the fantastic box set, Anywhere the Sun Shines, from nine amazing authors who happen to be part of a larger group of cool chicks who write, the Crazy Lady Authors.

Cherime MacFarlane (pronounced like 'Jeremy') has lived a life of adventure from Scotland to Alaska, so why not write epic adventures? She was a guest on Cover 2 Cover with Jami and Michele Blogtalk Radio Sept. 17th talking about her latest story with fellow guests Holly Barbo (Sunstone) and Teri Riggs (The Eyes Die Last). Catch that here, and check out this excerpt of Road Talk below.

Road Talk ~ Life & Love in Alaska

On the dot of 8:00 am, I was at the Palmer field. James flew in, a bit hot as usual, taxied over to the truck, and got out with this guy I've never met. The look on my face must have given me away, because James immediately started with the introduction.
"Hey, Molly B. I want you to meet Louis. Lou, for short. He's working with us for the summer. He's been out on that crab boat Davis Lee was on."
It had been four years since Davis Lee died. The crew had attended the funeral, but I don't recall much about it. I blanked everything. I'm still not good about dealing with that shit. I did not want to get into any of it. I don't have a full box of tissues with me, anyway.
The guy stuck out his hand and, short of telling him to get lost, I had to shake. I didn't recall Lou at all. Then again, he isn't all that remarkable to look at. Dark hair, dark eyes, and a face that looks as if it has seen a whole lot of wind burn over the years. Wrinkles around his dark eyes and at the corners of his mouth tilted upward when he smiled and said hi. Not a real tall guy, Lou was just kind of average all the way around.
I did not like this action one little bit. I really didn't know the guy, and I was going to be stuck in a vehicle with him for probably somewhere close to twenty hours.
"Listen, Lou, I need to talk to James here a minute." I grabbed James' arm and propelled him around the front of his Super Cub.
"What goes here? I don't know that guy. I'm not sure I want to be stuck in a vehicle with the man for as long as this is going to take."
"Molly, I wouldn't have brought him along with if there was any other way. I've got to drop this engine off with you and head out to Dillingham. Dorcas can't hold down the fort 'cause she's down in Seattle with Mom. Frankie has a case of the stomach flu, and that leaves Angel to hold down the office."
"I do not want to talk about anything. I don't need any stories about him and...."
"Molls, honey. The guy is pretty quiet. Since the start of summer, I've maybe heard two complete sentences out of the man. The only reason I know he crewed with Davis Lee is when I mentioned I was sending you, he knew who you were. I asked him how he knew you, and...."
James shrugged. "Molls, you know I wouldn't send you out with someone I didn't trust. Since he's not the chatty type, I don't think he's going to get on your nerves. Please, Molly. I really need this engine swap, and so does the guy it's going to."


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