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I'm not the needy type, not at all. But like everyone else, I like to hear a little positive re-enforcement, feel the love. We don't have to get creepy about it. Nope. there's actually a non-touchy-feely way we can accomplish this.....

For all my July winners of the signed paperbacks of books I & II in the Kriminal Erotic Series, Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown and The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss - you lucky readers can tell me what you think of the series by dropping a review for both books on Yessir! Reviews are like hugs for authors, and who doesn't need a hug?

When you've finished them, here are the links to each (Be sure to include you won the books in an author sponsored contest. Full disclosure makes Amazon happy).

Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown

The Evolution of Elsa Kreiss

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Updates and Giveaways for August!
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The Dog Days of Summer Are Here!

What's new?

August has arrived, and most of us are melting in the heat. Indoors seems to be the best place to be in the afternoon, and that usually means getting some writing accomplished. I'm about to write "The End" of book three in the Angelic Hosts series, Sophie's Wish. This latest tale will be included in a fantastic box set due out Christmas from The Crazy Lady Authors. The story begins five years following Camael's Battle. It's a sweet tale focusing on the now five year-old Sophie Fairchild who meets a homeless girl named Cecilia. Always one to help every creature great and small, Sophie doesn't hesitate to take Cecilia in much to her parents' surprise. But darkness follows young Cecilia putting Sophie in danger. It's up to her two guardian angels, Camael and Gabriel, to solve the mystery of Cecilia's past and origin, to protect the girls from a sinister plot, and also to grant a most heartfelt wish...

October will see the publication of book III in the Harvest Trilogy, Census, and also my very first vampire novel! I'm so excited! Heart of Darkness goes old-school Bucharest, Romania, and blends in the darker elements of danger and romance.

November heralds in the long-awaited third novel in the Kriminal Erotic Series, The Redemption of Joseph Heinz. Heinz goes rogue in Russia to solve an old cold case that has haunted him for years. New information leads him to St. Petersburg where the Bratva, and the Butcher, rule. His investigation will land him in danger that only a tenuous favor granted to his protege, Officer Elsa Kreiss, can cash in to save him. From Berlin to Mother Russia, the intrigue and suspense will keep you biting your nails and turning the next page!

I'm just sweatin' over the keyboard here!

I hope you'll check out the first books in each series, and that you will enjoy the giveaways below.

CONGRATULATIONS to July's winners of the signed paperbacks for books I & II in the Kriminal Erotic Series. They are on their way to you! Please let me know your thoughts, and if you have a moment, drop by my Amazon page and leave a review for each

I'm offering 100 copies of the first two books in the Angelic Hosts Series, Camael's Gift & Camael's Battle on Instafreebie. This is an ePub download designed to introduce all interested in the angels. The Angelic Hosts series is an action/adventure romantic journey with fallen angels called Dark Ones, goddesses, chosen, twists on traditional religious teachings, and angels who don't always follow the rules. I'm hoping those who download will let me know how they liked the stories on Amazon reviews. Book III, Sophie's Wish, will be out for Christmas as part of a fantastic box set filled with stories from multiple Crazy Lady Authors. The series is New Adult Fiction, a clean read, sweet romance, and a little humor. Come meet Camael, Michael, Gabriel, Zaphkiel, Cassiel, Dagon, Zaureliana, Astarte, Bia, and more.....Each angel will have his/her own story in the series. Share with your book-loving friends, but hurry! Once the threshold of 100 copies is reached, the giveaway ends.


This is my favorite series from friend and fellow author Jamie Brumfield. The PBI Case Files follows a vampire, a werewolf, and two spunky sisters as they get sucked into cases handled by the Paranormal Bureau of Investigations. It's wild, romantic, suspenseful, and chock-full of supernatural and paranormal craziness happening right beneath the noses of humans every day! Brumfield is working on PBI Case File #5 so now is the perfect time to discover this fantastic, episodic series.


All you have to do to enter is respond back to this newsletter with "I'M ON THE CASE!"

Three winners will be chosen by random dot org on August 31st..

Check out more from paranormal author Jami Brumfield HERE.

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