Paranormal Author Jami Brumfield Narrates Rayne's Thunder Chapter

You've probably heard me talk a lot about my friend and fellow author, Jami Brumfield. Jami writes paranormal fiction with great style. She has strong female characters, well-defined male romantic interests, and plot twists that will make you breathless. Well, now she's gone and narrated the first chapter in Book I of her series, Dating a Werewolf -- Rayne's Thunder Part I, Master Chef.

Rayne and her siblings must find mates in the one year following their father's death. The catch is, the mate must be chosen from a list left for each by their controlling father. Ten potential mates for each of his three offspring. It begins with Rayne who, angry at being controlled by her father from beyond the grave, recognizes that if she fails, her brother could lose the alpha seat, and her family would lose everything. Who will she choose? Storm Carter, the egotistical enforcer wolf for her brother, River? The man sets her teeth on edge even if his nearness sets her body on fire. But there are nine more to choose from, and she's determined that one of them will be the one. As long as the one is not Storm Carter!  Check out the start to this epic series narrated by the author herself.  (Jami Brumfield on YouTube)

After you listen, you'll definitely want to check out the rest of the series. Visit Jami's Amazon Page Here.


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